Unable to adjust FOV workaround

  • Hi, Like the new forum!

    I'm still playing Shadow as i want to get the most out of it (and these games don't come out so often...).

    So i thought i'd mention the problem of the Field of View (FOV) and my workaround;

    When i first started this game, it made me feel sick because the FOV by default is something like 90 and there appears to way to change it. I remember in the previous games there was (eventually) a hack that made this adjustable. For me, unless the FOV > 100, i feel ill after 15 minutes.

    Does anyone know of a hack yet for Shadow?

    Anyhow, my workaround in the absence of a hack is to run it in Windowed mode. This is on the PC, so it might be different elsewhere. So "windowed" mode is where is is not fullscreen. In this mode, you can resize the window so it is very wide and not so tall to approximate an increased FOV. THis works well enough to prevent me feeling ill, although it's a bit weird in this mode.

    Anyhow, in the absence of a hack, you might try this is you are having FOV issues.

    good luck!


  • Welcome back. :wave2

    Good to know.

    Unfortunately I am a bit behind when it comes to PC gaming and tweaking it to run smoothly.

    After Tomb Raider Underworld I have switched back to console gaming, because it is just so much more comfortable. Okay, it looks not as nice as on a brand new PC, but I can live with that if I don't have to bother with getting it to run.

    I'll keep my ears open.

  • I know! With a PC you get a whole "configuration game" to play *before* you can even start :-)

    Anyhow, i just got a new machine, so i wanted to find out how the graphics looked since my old machine was a bit old and i had to turn down several quality settings.

    The new graphics card is a bit fancier, so I'm hoping it will look a lot better. Maybe I'll try to grab some shots. There are a few extra graphic options now I've updated to the latest patch. Most are documented here;


    Worth a look as there are some nice side-by-side comparisons of the settings mode. Things that allow you to make a choice whether some super high setting is really _that_ much better!

    Anyhow, after searching the internet, there is still no FOV slider setting, official or otherwise - and a lot of people are asking after it.

    As per usual, it'll all be fixed _after_ i finish the game :-)