What are you playing? / What do you recommend?

  • To make it easier for those of you who don't want to play any custom level to find a good one, I will make a list of levels that are recommendable. Please feel free to add to the list, if you have any good levels to recommend.

    Aegean Legends (Trix)

    Cave Of Pandora (Hokolo)

    Deep in the jungle (Hokolo)

    Flying Temple (Codo)

    Fragments of the Core (Horus)

    Hanami in Kyoto (Miss Kroft)

    Hidden Garden (Inchdix)

    Last Crusade (Piega)

    Legacy of the Gods (JediMaster)

    Lost City of Pompeji (Michael Allen)

    Lost Valley (Jeyem)

    Mystery of Eden (Sweet)

    Pirates of the Caribbean (Michael Allen)

    Quick and the Dead (Hendrik)

    Sanctuary of Water Ice and Fire (Piega)

    Search for Imhotep (Palo)

    Walhalla (Miss Kroft)

    Ynys Witrin (Miss Kroft)

  • I'd recommend:

    Alexander's Tomb Part 2 by Miss Kroft

    Any level by Oxy, especially Day Castle

    The Back To Basics 2006 level "The House Of Kuan Yin-Lo" by Sue Wicks

    Night Of Shadows by Uranos1

    Reign Of Chaos- adventure made by Nadine Lannte(Horus), christoph, karlo002 and Agnes

    Rustay and Sudeki, both levels by Agnes

    UUB 1- Recruiting Demon Smalls by Richard Lawther

    UUB 2- The Ghost Train At Castle Orr by Richard Lawther

    UUB 3- Plain Of Jars by Richard Lawther and Titia Drenth(Titak)

    And like tombraidergirl I would strongly recommend Walhalla by Miss Kroft, it's one of my favourite custom levels EVER :D Any level by Miss Kroft is absolutely fabulous and more than worth a try!!!!

  • Two cool TR Custom Levels!The one is called "Neon God" and the other is called "Tomb Raider Revised".I'm still playing them,but you could download them,too.And we could help each other if someone is stuck on one of the games.Actually I'm stuck on "Neon God",but it's not that why I'm publishing those levels.

    Info:TR-Revised is Tomb Raider 1,it's cool for those who haven't played it yet(like me,hehe).The controls are the same like from TR1-6.
    Neon God has 7 levels(have read it) the first one is called Bolivia and Lara looks little like from TR7.Has cool and different moves,too.The controls are like from TR1-6.When you have all files you could read the 'Readme" file.There is information about the game.

    Here's the link from where you could download the games:http://www.laracroftonline.com/goodies/index.php?c=20