How to reach 100% !?

  • :-? Je ne sais pas! Je n'ai pas encore verifié qu'on n'a pas besoin de compléter tous des time trials pour atteindre 100%, alors c'est possible qu'on doit le faire!


  • I got a 100%. Maybe to get it you have to finish the whole game in a short time? I am not sure when I got it, but it was before I finished the time trials and croft manor.

  • I was stuck like many others.
    I'd done all the secrets, all the time trials, and croft mannor.
    Yet I was still stuck at 99%.
    I'd completed all the lvl's many times getting the secrets, and learning them for the time trials. But I hadn't completed a level since I'd gotten the last secret.

    The only thing I could see was that most people that had 100% said they did another level and that got them to 100%, one said from a time trial, another from beating the boss on different difficulty.

    I went back and beat amanda on Easy (was on medium before) and that gave me 100%. (* Do this using the Amanda Model for the irony :) Nothing like watching Amanda try and talk Amanda out of turning herself into a monster!)

    I'm guessing that after you get 99% if you complete anything in the game that will push you to 100%, even if you are repeating something. Not sure if it works on every level in the game, or just the boss one.

    It might be beating the boss (evil amanda) on a different difficulty then you did the first time to get that extra %1-2.

    Hope that helps someone.

  • The clothes+cheats are gotten from the time trial. But of course the time trials aren't necessary for the 100% so you've basically gotten to 100% without fully finishing the game lol.