Archaeological Dig

  • this was confusing to me for awhile - you actually have all the symbols - look carefully at your notebook - the moon and the thing that looks like a T and F superimposed on each other - the two you found (bulls eye-in the tent at the top of the dig site - and upside down stickman - found using the camera in the back room) these go in the middle two slots, in the only places they can go.

    hope this helps.

    If anyone knows how to beat the crazy fire specter at the end of the hall of seasons level, i'm listening.

  • To beat the crazy fire spectre dude, you have to pump him full of shotgun rounds until he freezes all the while keeping your eye on the statue with the blue flame. The blue flame jumps around. You have to be really quick- when fire guy freezes for a short time run to the statue with the blue flame...get close, it should give you a hand icon. Push x and you should be the proud new owner of an Obscura Painting. Take it and run out the now open door. good luck...this guy caused me much frustration.

  • ok i really am lost. i got all four of the little thingys, fire wind water and earth (i think) and i put them in the one hallway with the things in the walls but nothing happened. nothing-at-all. ive been stuck here for like 2 hours just running around combing this room and im getting frustrated :evil: PleeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAASSEEEEEeee someone what im doing wrong? or is this a glitch in the ps2 version???

  • :o I am going crazy with the symbols in this level. I got two papers, the other two look nothing like anything in the note book. HELP please!!! :ouch:

  • what the hell are u supposed to do?????? :ouch:
    i'm in the long hall with a closed door at each end, mechanical spikes and something out raiders coming from either side.

    how do you get out?

    Please help i'm going nuts :ouch:

  • sounds like the trap room at the end of ToA... pull the lever on the right, then run and jump the spike traps to the now open door at the end of the hall... its on a timer, so you have to be quick... i recommend jumping over the spikes when the top two have fired... run, repeat, run, repeat, etc until you are through the door...

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    HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP,After breaking all my unwritten rules and saving all three saves in the one level, i have realised i need to go back to the second buttress to find the last two symbols. Can anyone tell me how to get out the dig?

    Where it the problem? Just climb up the ladders again.

  • Have you found the two symbols? Two more are in the diary. You have to align the clock. If one symbol is at the correct spot get back to the four levers and use the lever that is connected to the symbol (eg. outer right symbol, outer right lever) to lock it. then get back to the clock and turn again till the next symbol is in place...

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    Where it the problem? Just climb up the ladders again.

    I know this is too late to help the original poster...but I learned the hard way, it's difficult to get out of that damn dig. The ladders are all basically red herrings except the one going up to a pinkish-beige wall that's a bit better lit than the others. This wall has black toeholds going up. After climbing up the ladder in front of the wall, climb up the wall with the toeholds. Go left, then stand at the edge of the rocky ledge and jump up. You can monkey climb under the bridge to the far side (go quickly, or else you fall and die). Then pull yourself up onto a ledge on the right side, and pull yourself up once more to a walkway.

    That's how I got out (whew) :sun:

  • Right at the end of the book is the last two symbols are there ;) here is all the symbols in order from the left:
    The upside-down moon, The circle with two stickey outy things in there( :-? ) the third is a circle with a dot in the middle and the last is what looks like a japanese tree!?!?!?! :lol: i hope this helps everyone ;)

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  • Help me plz ! Im stuck in Arceologic Dig ! I found some symbols in there but which one must first and second and third and fourth ? tell me plz ! plz tell me the symbol's row !