FF Competition 2009

  • Sounds interesting, I consider writing a story to participate.

    The deadline being in June is nice so lots of people who might be interested will have a chance to give it a go :-) Though I'm afraid there aren't that many active English speaking writers in this forum...

  • Just read on the page that Eric Lindstrom will be one of the judges! Wow. Now I'm way too embarressed to write an entry [hehe]

    No, seriously, how did you manage to get him as a judge, ostercy? It's quite impressive :thumbsup

  • I emailed you an entry, but please disregard it - I'm going to write a fresh one. I just have a few questions since the guidelines weren't really clear. Must the story involve some sort of archaeological adventure? It made it seem like the piece must involve Lara on a search for an artifact. Also, when you say the "official canon" of Lara, does that mean her personality as of Core Design's Lara Croft?

    I'm really confused since they weren't really clear on guidelines.

  • I would enter Alister's diary (which I'm writing at the moment) but it's not exactly competition material, partly because it has sexual references and stuff.

  • hey, :wave2:

    I entered. I submitted TRUTH OR DARE and I might submit one of my others. he wasn't sure of the prize.
    well, I was thinking maybe the winner gets a meet and greet with Allison Carrol and/or Keeley Hawes. or
    at least an autographed photograph of Allison and a free copy of TOMB RAIDER COMPENDIUM.
    (Speaking of TOD, how about some more comments? I'm sure Redhell is not the only one who read it
    Lady Cat? comment? I promise I'll stop using "Dopplehoe". ;-) :grins cool? so, comments on my two stories
    please, folks.) and good luck to everyone in the contest. may the best writer win. :grins

    Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmare, son, while you're resting your head.--

  • Hi all

    Catracoth - I can't see why it should have to be an archaeological adventure, any more than a story about James Bond has to be a spy story. Although I guess it's harder to write stuff with characters out of context, but it's up to you.

    RedHell - I got Eric to be a judge by asking him :) I wouldn't feel intimidated if I was you, as he'll be one judge out of a panel, and everybody submits a mark out of 10 per story, marks which will provide an (unpublished) average which will be used to work out the winner (and possibly a list of runners up). Eric won't be personally writing "could do better" or "excellent work" on the entries.

    Neilcroy - I think I'm going to suggest that people only enter one story. If you'd like to replace the one you've already entered let me know. Oh and there are prizes - much better ones than having to meet Alison Carroll.

    If anyone knows a place to let other people know about the competition please do. :)

  • hey O, :wave2:

    "better than having to meet Allison"? how about meeting Angelina or Rhona? :grins ;-) anyway, one entry per
    person sounds fair. that way, everyone is on the same playing field. if that's the case, I'll stay with TRUTH
    OR DARE. it's a fun story and I have a good feeling about it. I can submit one of my other stories for the
    next contest you have in the future. so, TOD is my entry and good luck to everyone. :grins

    Good luck in your new bed. Enjoy your nightmare, son, while you're resting your head.--

  • If anyone knows a place to let other people know about the competition please do. :)

    1. Site News (will reach a lot more people)
    2. WikiRaider : just replace currently no events in http://wikiraider.com/index.php/Template:Events with an appropriate text, and enter it somewhere to the fanfiction article

    I would do it for you, but I have my hands full atm.

    If anyone here needs it, I could provide you with a secret private forum for betareading, if needed. I wish any of you participating good luck. :thumbs:

  • I have an idea of Zip (as an old man) telling stories to his grandchildren about Lara's adventures and how he dealt with Alister's death and what happened afterwards. It's terrible, isn't it? I'm debating whether Zip should be writing Alister's unfinished dissertation throughout the story.

  • How is everybody's writing going? :poke:

    By the way, I have 3-4 judges at the moment but I wouldn't mind a couple more. Anybody got any suggestions as to who I could/should ask? :prettyplease

  • How is everybody's writing going? :poke:

    I'm working on two stories, an Underworld-related one and one about AoD :-) Still don't know which one I'm going to choose as my entry...