• I have begun playing the PC version of the game and I've taken a few helpful screenshots. (I know that my images are not up to the latest graphics standards, but that's not the point. They are here to help you find what you're looking for.) They will soon be added to the walkthrough, but until then find them in this folder in die Gallery:

  • I haven't got the game yet, but I was just wondering, is it possible to turn off all those distracting hints? Like, I want to figure it out for myself, not be hand-held all the way through. I saw a video of Lara climbing the radio tower, then it says, turn knob left and right to adjust, or something like that.... I will figure it out!! We are not imbeciles, Core Design!!! Give us a little credit and let us learn the world ourselves!! Sheesh!

    Oh yeah, so can you turn them off? I hate hints. And they destroy the atmosphere they have worked so hard to achieve in the game.

  • No. I've not played on easy, I've played on normal (Xbox, PC) and hard (PS3) and they are always there. And I found nothing in the menu to turn it off.

    On PC there are also a lot of tiny tutorials you are forced to do. (e.g. When the first guy with the shield comes, you have to evade him like the game tells you. This really bugs me, as it distracts my movements. Normally you can evade and immediately shoot, with this crappy tutorial all I can do is evade.) And I have the feeling the PC version enters Survival Instincts a lot more often without being asked. I can't remember the console version doing this at all. In "A Road Less Traveled" this happened twice. "Hey, there is something you can use to swing across." "Hey, look at this spot, you can attach your rope there." - "Just let me play the game, damn it!"