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    If I were you, I'd try looking on the net for it....if you find one,
    it'll be a lot cheaper to have it shipped to you than to have one
    customized. but what ever works for you hun
    I'll just keep aiming @ the bad drivers out there... :shoot:

    If she did die, it would kind of be like the videogame,
    Does anyone agree?
    I mean, I've never died on any of the games...nope...never... :lol:

    Hey there, I'll have to read up on the new stuff later.
    But I just stopped in quicklike and saw about the
    contest. So...what all is going on with it?
    What is going to happen to the winner's story?
    Are there any cool prizes?
    Even if there aren't, it would be a great time to finish up
    this story I'm working on!

    I've been busy with school but now I hope to have some free down time.
    I went to Florence Oregon with my boyfriend and took quads on the dunes.
    They are so big down there!!! :o
    We went for miles without seeing anyone else, but there were a lot of
    people at the park.
    I wish I'd had my camera, if I ever did Lara/sand photo shoots, that's the
    place I'd go. 8)
    Well, gotta jet, it's nice to be back!

    Hey there everybody! :P
    I haven't been around in so long. :cry: Hope nobody has
    forgot about me!
    I love what you've done with the site Jan, there is so
    much more than when I first saw this site.


    Bad news, my worm ate my homework teach.
    And I'm not kidding. There was this virus that
    ate like half my word data and then puked it
    out in gylfs and now I'm having to retype a lot
    of my stuff up. I'll tell ya when (if) I find my story,
    It's scattered and even the backup copy on disk
    is crypted. TTYL

    I've got the perfict idea for the way I want the story to go.
    I was going to get into it later but thought 'Why wait?'
    Now I've started rewriting the next chapter, the fist one was
    spinning its wheels too much for my taste. Trust me you
    guys, you'll love it. Way more action, and a couple more twists.
    I want to confuse the heck out of you and then make it all clear.
    Give me a week...Today is Monday so... :wink:

    TRG, did I ask you if you wanted a pic of mine I've found?
    I am spacing and can't recall. Well, I'm just going to send it.
    K? :lol:

    Well, I don't know who is better. I just hope they figure it
    out soon. But what about Aleya (spelling?) who was playing
    a star role in the Matrix sequals. She died, and not even half of
    her shots were done. And we're talking two or three movies at
    once. That's a lot to substitute and or re-shoot. So if mid movie
    an all out Lara war breaks out I'm sure they can manage. :wink:

    I still don't know about Ang.
    Both Ang & Jlo have a hispanic look about them that
    just doesn't fit Lara. But that's my opinion.
    But it would be nice to see her in the same roll becaues
    it's like watching batman played by diff guys. :cry: