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    I have done the arrows and got past seamonster #2. Now, seamonster #2 is behind the gate behind me, and a reward is behind the gate in front of me. It looked obvious that I was supposed to shoot the ring connected to the chain on top of the gate in front of me, but I can't see what to do at this point... it must be simple because no one else has asked... but ive been sitting here for like an hour. help?


    EDIT: omg... i found it. ignore this.


    Originally posted by Vertman
    Ok... so, theres me shoving a huge-ass monster into electric and him almost dying, then regenerating health... what do i do?

    I am stuck in this same spot. can anyone tell me what I need to do? I move the hanging orb things with the tesla gun but nothing seems to happen... the monster disappears for a few seconds then comes back with full health...


    UPDATE: nm, found the boss thread.