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    just thought i should made a little discussion about excalibur cos rocks out loud!! i mean special moves and tricks, its better than the guns!

    thought id make this an appreciation to the sword cos its well gd! yay excalibur!!!!

    p.s. sory for the bad typing but i type well quik and i miss letters to speed up/ make mistakes sorry lol! :P :D :D :D :D :D [hehe] [hehe] [hehe] :D :D :D :P :P :P :P

    u kno it says 99% well my guess (correct me if i wrong cos i not actually at 99% but) after doing all time trials, completing the game on easy,medium and hard , and gettin all the secret medal things, u kno in the manner the gold trail might help to get to the final/ and or gettin all weps, duno relli or could just be all extras u need to unlock to get 100%

    ty for the help it has worked now how about the monster thing?
    not actually gone against ti yet but worried it will kik my butt if i dont have ne pointers

    i am on ps2 for this game just got the sword fixed, and opened door, got to the jumping bit and am stuck any advice for how 2 get across? ty for any info posted :D :D :D

    also whats this about a monster any tips again will be a gr8 help ty to all of u