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    After Curtis encounters Lara in the Louvre cutscene (just before the von croy's apt level) all of my weapons disappeared. I was left with only ammo. At first I thought it was part of the game but I never got the weapons back. Ever. Any thoughts? has this happened to anyone else? Well, I finished the game but I'd just like to know if it was a glitch or I missed something or what? thanks.

    So I'm curious about something and wonder if anyone else has experienced this. After a loading sequence all items that i have already picked up regenerate. This is especially noticable in the Parisian Ghetto, example, go through Bouchards hideout to the room in the park with ammo and money. It's the one with the locked fence from the outside of the park. After getting all of the stuff crawl back through the hole in the wall, the game will load Bouchards hideout...go through the hole again, and all of the stuff will be there again. Is this a weird glitch with mine or has anyone else noticed? It's not just Paris, but anywhere that can be accessed again after a loading sequence.

    if you walk to the edge and press action Lara should be able to climb the wall down to a ledge below you. that is if you're in the room I think you are...large circular room with bats overhead and a sweeping camera dive cutscene at the beginning? good luck.

    to get the code to Caviers office- in the same hallway as her office is a room with a circular sliding glass door in it. Step through the glass doors and manipulate the cameras via computer terminal. I think it's the first on the right. Use the left analog stick to zoom into Caviers office...focus on the computer area of her desk.

    To beat the crazy fire spectre dude, you have to pump him full of shotgun rounds until he freezes all the while keeping your eye on the statue with the blue flame. The blue flame jumps around. You have to be really quick- when fire guy freezes for a short time run to the statue with the blue flame...get close, it should give you a hand icon. Push x and you should be the proud new owner of an Obscura Painting. Take it and run out the now open door. good luck...this guy caused me much frustration.