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    I know! With a PC you get a whole "configuration game" to play *before* you can even start :-)

    Anyhow, i just got a new machine, so i wanted to find out how the graphics looked since my old machine was a bit old and i had to turn down several quality settings.

    The new graphics card is a bit fancier, so I'm hoping it will look a lot better. Maybe I'll try to grab some shots. There are a few extra graphic options now I've updated to the latest patch. Most are documented here;…ics-and-performance-guide

    Worth a look as there are some nice side-by-side comparisons of the settings mode. Things that allow you to make a choice whether some super high setting is really _that_ much better!

    Anyhow, after searching the internet, there is still no FOV slider setting, official or otherwise - and a lot of people are asking after it.

    As per usual, it'll all be fixed _after_ i finish the game :-)

    Hi, Like the new forum!

    I'm still playing Shadow as i want to get the most out of it (and these games don't come out so often...).

    So i thought i'd mention the problem of the Field of View (FOV) and my workaround;

    When i first started this game, it made me feel sick because the FOV by default is something like 90 and there appears to way to change it. I remember in the previous games there was (eventually) a hack that made this adjustable. For me, unless the FOV > 100, i feel ill after 15 minutes.

    Does anyone know of a hack yet for Shadow?

    Anyhow, my workaround in the absence of a hack is to run it in Windowed mode. This is on the PC, so it might be different elsewhere. So "windowed" mode is where is is not fullscreen. In this mode, you can resize the window so it is very wide and not so tall to approximate an increased FOV. THis works well enough to prevent me feeling ill, although it's a bit weird in this mode.

    Anyhow, in the absence of a hack, you might try this is you are having FOV issues.

    good luck!


    Hi Everyone,

    I just finished ROTR on the PC. Yes, i know everyone else played this over a year ago, but it has been mysteriously expensive on the PC for months. Only over xmas did they drop it to a reasonable price.

    Good game, but i found 2013 more emotionally gripping and scarier. I'm glad they didn't have a boss fight though.

    I'm wondering if ive missed anything in my playthough; side missions etc. I played the witch thing. What about secret undocumented places. Surely there's some in the Manor - has to be! (like a secret bike track or something).

    It's a bit quiet here. anyone know of a walkthrough or similar.

    thanks and

    happy raiding!

    you're right about the weapons. one of the few games ive enjoyed using them all and pretty much had to.

    in most games i concentrate on the pistol, spending all the upgrades there. I always find the pistol good for distance and head shots. Although true for tr2013, i also needed to use the other weapons too. it took me a while to like the shotgun. annoyingly, i found myself often without ammo in a close situation "click" and no time to reload.

    later during the samuri guard attack, i was using the shotgun alternating reload & fire, otherwise i'd get a sword in the head. the shotgun is good for that scene.
    in some parts, like the bunker you can't avoid a close quarters combat (i dont know if there's a stealth way).

    As the game progressed, i found myself trying the special moves more and more. i think this is another nice touch and certainly gives both a real and virtual character progression.
    do you know of any new games coming out. i've heard there's a console exclusive, but i use PC. hopefully the excusive will expire. from a business point of view, TR2013 should have done well, so a sequel ought to be in the pipe.

    best regards.

    Hello Everyone.

    I only just finished TR2013. Yes, i know you all completed it last year, but i had a problem with my PC and until i got a new one i couldnt play. Anyhow, i transferred over the saves and continued. My personal view is that this is the best TR game to date. I found the whole thing most entertaining. the graphics are excellent and the puzzles very well thought out - no cheap maze or combination lock puzzles that were once used to pad out the games. I really hope they continue with this high standard now they've set the reboot.

    Other things i quite liked were the general lack of "boss fights". only two bits really here, the Russian and the Samuri. I was expecting a boss fight with mathias but, refreshingly, it wasn't like that. very well done i think.

    I dont know about a "survivor is born", more like the "natural born killer" is back :-) I think, just about everyone on that island is now dead, save for a few bunnies. On this subject, i thought the way the weapons upgraded was well done and well balanced too.

    perhaps it's just me, but after crawling through pits of faeces, being shot at, wounded and beaten virtually to a pulp by russian bully boys to then hear the pathetic winges from, so called, friends moaning and complaining over their trivialities - i just wanted to shoot them all through the eyes and throw their bodies in the sea. after all, who's going to know, eveyone else is dead anyway. :-)


    I played this bit twice. first time i had lots of ammo and it was easier. second time was a lot more difficult because i didnt have much ammo to start. killing with the pistol was a lot harder!

    basically, i was ok until those additional archers kept coming up at me. if i went for the fat guy, i was hit will the arrows. if i went for the archers, i was hit with the spiked club!

    here's a good 'ole' tomb raider trick... keep jumping as you run around. jumping helps prevent the arrows hitting and you get more time to attack. also sometimes "mr club" hits the archers for you!.

    good luck!

    It’s no secret that console games are (were?) based on the razor model. Make a loss on the console; make a profit on the games which will make a profit overall assuming each console owner buys X games (whatever X is).

    I say “were” because Nintendo always make profit on both the console and the games. This is the case with the Wii. It is sold at a (small) profit, so in theory the games should be cheaper (are they?). Currently I think Sony are still at an overall loss with the PS3, although it is now selling well. Last time I looked (might have been the worst point), they were $1.9bn short. I remember the PS2 was down $900m before it started to turn and eventually turned a profit for Sony. If someone has up-to-date figures for PS3, please correct me.

    So one of the reasons games cost a lot is that you are actually paying for your console, a bit like your mobile phone, over time.

    However, I don’t mean to defend the current costs necessarily because I think there’s some unnecessary monetisation here. For example, whilst you are recapitalising the console maker, you are also making scaled up revenue for the retailer. Ie if the console maker could charge 20% less, the retailer would get 20% less (of its otherwise marked up price), and this surplus markup on the console maker’s cut is unnecessary.

    PC games are cheaper and I think more reasonably priced. There is no console company getting a cut here. And consequently the retail price (as marked up from distribution) makes the retail price a lot less than the console games. You may think they are still too expensive. Possibly. One clue is that the games come out at high(ish) price and then are rapidly discounted. For example TRU is £25 currently on the PC. But pretty soon I expect to see it for £15 and then £10 maybe even as soon as the new year. £10 IMO is not overpriced, but maybe initial prices are.

    Another interesting argument is that there have now been games that have grossed more than Hollywood blockbusters. There aren’t many games in this category, but a lot of films don’t make their expected returns either. On average a “big budget” game, such as GTA4, TRU etc. (ie one with a brand behind it) costs about 1/10 of a Hollywood blockbuster to make. But hey, how come a (good) game can earn more revenue than (good) movie which costs 10 times as much.

    According to this argument, gamers are being overcharged for games. But a counter argument says there aren’t enough gamers and if there were, each unit sold could be cheaper. For sure, there are more people that go to see a movie than buy a game. If games could reach that kind of audience, they would indeed be cheaper (expect movie ticket prices or less!).
    So it’s difficult to pinpoint the fair price of games.

    Personally, I’m happy to pay PC game prices, but would refuse to pay console prices, despite the fact that I have to buy a graphics card that probably costs nearly the same as a console. But at least I get to use that graphics card for other things. I not necessarily saving any money compared to console owners, but I just prefer it this way.


    dumbed down

    Since croft manor burnt down, it would be a good excuse to invent a new “manor” for the future. Like it was, there was not much else you could invent in croft manor that hadn’t already been done, and stuff like the enormous underground crypt that no-one knew about is starting to look unlikely to say the least. How about she moves into a castle once owned by a branch of her family or something? That would give huge scope for new “manor” levels, with secret passageways galore!

    I would have liked a few more loose ends tied up. For example, where did the doppelganger come from and did it really die. What happens to the hammer. Do the thralls retrieve it or what? She spent all this time getting the hammer, and threw it away. We don’t even know for sure Natla is dead. I guess she still has the belt and gloves, not much use on their own except to glow blue at parties. And she doesn’t know how to recharge them :-)

    I’ve been finding the game a lot easier than the previous ones. TRU depends a lot less on trick moves (at least in the main gameplay) and has a much smoother plotline, rather than obviously disjoint authored levels by separate teams vaguely cobbled together at the end. I think the production levels are quite high and there is a lot of content, but the time taken to complete the game may be shorter than before. I prefer it that way. Padding with cheap maze-like levels or corny “combination lever” puzzles is poor show.

    Also we are not forced to battle some boss creature every section, trapped in a little area with no ammo left, until we figure out some running around in circles trick or repeated side jump left then right whilst shooting. Or something.

    Does anyone remember back in the classic engine days, there was a huge difference between the quality of some levels. Not just the design, but the texturing and attention to detail. I think I remember it being almost alternate in nature. One good level, then one bad level etc. those were the bad old days and it was obvious that they had a couple of really good level builders and the rest weren't so great.

    I thought id mention that I enjoyed the game “Mass Effect”, a combination of (fairly weak) puzzles, combat and character interaction. I think some TR fans might enjoy it. The character interaction is a lot better than in TR and you can choose from a selection of responses. You can be nice to people or can be nasty to get your way – it’s an interesting choice.

    Also, the graphics are superb. I think the TR engine needs a bit of a revamp (in comparison), there’s not much graphical improvement (if any) since last year, although I do like the new moves.

    There was a discussion in another thread about the look of Lara and male/female hero character issues. In ME, you can build your own character; male or female and then customise him/her. Only the head & face though, not the full body. Your created look plays out in all the cut scenes and game play, it’s awesome. Also, ME tackles some mature issues which I’m glad to see make it into games at last.

    Anyway, here’s some pics:

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Out of interest, my first playthrough was with the dark haired female character, then the second time, the blonde whom I made deliberately a bit scary with purple lips and white eyebrows. However, after a while I grew to like her because of the no-bullshit style of play I lead with her responses.

    There's some great levels too. :-)


    I’ve also discovered the pistols are actually the better weapon. For example, during the bit with the men on the boat, although the pistols have less range than say the rifle, they are quicker to reload and you can get a lot more shots off than, say the shotgun – which has a slow repeat rate, albeit at less damage per shot. Also im finding melee combat quite fun. Pushing monster off ledges works quite well.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I get here. Getting across is ok, once fat boy and friends are dispatched.

    However, I find four of these, Activate them and nothing happens.

    [Blocked Image:]

    What have I missed? I was hoping the poison waterfall might stop and I’d use the swing to get somewhere – or something?
    Annoyingly, I tried a couple of times and then moved on, thinking this is another one of those; do it on the way back tricks. Maybe it is! Currently, im in the midst of the battle a bit further on. Im finding the hammer a bit useless and the best plan to simply give the fat boys the runaround :-) anyone had any luck with the hammer strike move?


    Fussel, mow them down with the bike. So where’s the bike cannon, “budda! Budda! Budda!!”. Perhaps that’s too close to judge dredd (his lawmaster has twin bike cannons) . But seriously, wouldn’t be a bad idea for a future game. i run all the baddies over even inside the caves. excellent!

    Snow & Ice level, great! But where’s the breath? There’s breath mist in the cut scenes but not in the gameplay. ‘was in TR3. No excuse!

    Ok, so in this picture there are two poles. On the right and another left (above bike). I know what the right one does, but what of the left. Early on, near the entrance was a closed end passage. Could this be a timed door? Ive tried getting back there as quick as possible, but no go. Also there’s no sound. So either, im completely off track or way too slow. Any ideas?

    [Blocked Image:]

    The only other thing is here. It’s too far to jump. The far end with the diagonal edge was also near another strip early on in the level. I tried to jump it, but it was too far. Did I not try hard enough earlier? Or is there some way here to get there. I missed a treasure outside to the left (or to the right from the adjacent chamber), I can see it but cant get it.

    [Blocked Image:]

    thanks for any help.

    In the land of the dead, i did this part of the game and got back out, but i didn’t make use of these ledges to the immediate left of the entrance (pictured in background). i can get to them, but then nowhere else (it seems). are these just superfluous, or are they possibly and alternative way out from below? Sometimes, I miss a lot of the secrets.

    [Blocked Image:]

    thanks for any info.

    i just got to the bit fussel was originally talking about. you can get across the first log ramp with the bike, but then there is one that is "down" and you cant cross it.

    eventually, i figured it out. here's a vid [Warning: vid is spoiler!]

    BTW, i never did throw the switch up at the top, the one with more missing heads. did i miss a head, or is it one of these newfangled; to be done on the return pass tricks this game is throwing (like the krakan/octopus high up thing?)

    opps, my posts gone mad. i accidently posted some corrupt messages. can someone delete them, i cant find a delete? thanks.