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    @ the poet....... looks like we have identical computers. Which means I will have to play the game on the X-box 360 after all. Damn all the software companies. :shout :mad: :ouch: :comp :hit

    My dad was kind enough to consider buying some new parts for my computer, but it won't happen any time soon... I might be able to play the demo (or the game, depends on if I'd write a wishlist to Santa ;-) ) in late December or in January. But I won't buy X-Box 360, because I'm too used to play Tomb Raider games on PC... :-)

    What are the specs on your Pc.

    Even the minimum system requirements are too much for my computer.... These are the ones that cause problems:
    1) CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3+GHz
    2) RAM: 1GB (Windows XP)
    3) GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series 6800GT (or better) / ATI 1800XT (or better)
    But at least Anniversary works perfectly... :-)

    *sigh* First I had to download the PC demo for the entire night, and then I find out that my computer won't run it... :ouch: So it seems like I won't be playing the demo or the game for a really long time... A new computer/new parts for my old computer are very expensive (at least I can't afford them)... :ouch:

    The Poet, the melee fighting wasn't anything huge, but it was fantastic and did add a new aspect to the gameplay. Lara can swing and throw objects such as those poles you stick into walls to use as a swinging pole - she hits with those and fires from one hand while using it. She can kick any enemy with the (Y button on Xbox 360) melee attack and squish spiders with it as well. Whilst running, if you press the melee button, she'll execute that jump kick we've seen in pictures. That's about it for melee fighting.

    Cool! :D


    Headshots are accomplished by pressing the appropriate "headshot button", (which is X on the 360 when weapons are equipped). Your adrenaline bar must be filled to complete this. It goes into slow motion and Lara jumps, lands on the tiger's head/neck area, pushes off and leaps backward. You have to line up the reticule (by using the movement control stick) before she lands and fire, the headshot killing the creature immediately.

    Sounds a bit complicated... But I'll see how it's done in the PC version.


    The new gear is pretty snazzy. Lara's grapple is an improvement from Legend's - it now handles like a handgun, but you can tell it's a grapple. Lara's done away with her binoculars and replaced them with her Sony camera. I'm yet to use the picture and video capture abilities on the camera since they failed to include that in the demo. Her personal light source is smaller now, and looks a bit like the Ghalali Key - it's small and round. Not too small though.

    The HUD (Heads Up Display) is by far the best - way better than Legend's. It's more polished and easily viewable when enabled and it's a general fantastic sight.

    I can't wait to try the grapple! :-)


    However, I've tried, and Lara cannot shot while swan diving...unless she can and I'm not doing it right - I tried swan diving and removing the handguns, but no luck. Her cartwheels/gymnastic stunts are different, but for the better. A few are familiar since they were seen in Legend and Anniversary, but they look better. The cartwheel looks much more realistic, and I love the front flip Lara does on the balance beams.

    Hmm... I'm looking forward to seen how the shooting while swan diving is done (if it is possible to actually do it, what if it's only possible in cutscenes?), and of course the gymnastic stunts. I like to do them in Anniversary, because they look so awesome. :-)

    I was slightly disappointed when I read that the PC demo won't come until Friday. I rushed all the way from school thinking "Hurray! I'm getting the demo!"... But at least the demo is coming.
    And congratulations to those with XBOX 360, I hope you enjoy the demo. :-)

    There will be a self healing Lara, at least sort of:
    From, Eric Lindstrom's blog "Health System Explained":


    You arrive at each new location with full health and no health packs. Each location has health packs you can find -- ancient remedies still lying around (that your mother would never approve of you consuming) or first aid packs in the few places where people are nearby. If you get extremely hurt and don't use a health pack, however, Lara regenerates health slowly on her own till she reaches around 25%.

    I like the winter outfit too. :-)

    Hurray! :happyjump It's coming! It's finally coming! :happyjump If it comes to the official site, is it free to download it, or do you have to pay to download? I've never downloaded a demo from the Internet...

    Those videos were awesome! :happyjump I think that the whole Lara double theory is possible too. What else would make Zip shoot at Lara.... Again, those videos were awesome. :D