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    I was about 50% through the game (according to the loading screen)

    and my game froze (probably system overheating- I was playing for a while) and when I rebooted the game, the screen froze at the loading screen where the camera zooms into Yamatai. I've tried searching for solutions and reinstalling the game doesn't work, starting a new one and playing for a while doesn't either. Apparently the file is now corrupted so I was wondering if anyone knew if my file save was salvageable and if so, what can I do to fix it?

    On the "starting a new game" note, does singleplayer DLC only apply to one save file? I used it with the first one (^frozen) and the new one doesn't have any of the perks from the DLC so I'm assuming it's a use-once kind of thing. I would just like some clarification on the issue.

    Any kind of help/advice is much appreciated.