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    I just purchased a PSX from a local game shop and in the disc tray was this oddity. I can find no info about it (only tried Google and your wiki though), and it runs on an American PSX, but the label has a Chinese (?) translation of the title underneath, and it totally looks like a bootleg. I cannot confirm if the unit was region/copy modded or not, and my PS2 slim and old Playstation only see the audio tracks (both have laser problems anyway), but I did get it running on an emulator with a US BIOS. It's also super scratched. If I had to guess, I would say it's a prerelease disc for magazine reviewers or some kinda bootleg. Equally strange, it's not a PSX black disc. I've kept physical contact to a minimum; smudges visible were there when I got it, and the disc has several tiny holes so the data is probably compromised (my disc image software crashes analyzing track 14). Can anyone on this website find more info on the disc?