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    Tell me about it! Before I went on internet hiatus I found myself casually messing around with XNA at 11pm, and then looking at the clock to see four hours passed and I only have 4 hours before I need to get up.

    Though I'm not able to use it at the moment. My laptop took a dive- the hard drive died on me. I have all my data backed up ~I just haven't gotten around to restoring any of it. Frantically filling out apprenticeships applications in hopes I'm hired as a Health Care Assistant. :wacko:

    I'm sorry for being 105 days late for my own birthday thread... I flew to Florida on the 12th September and stayed there for 3 months [hehe] I thank you all for the birthday wishes and assure you that I had a wonderful day spent swimming in the gulf of Mexico at Madeira Beach, Florida. ;)

    Thanks ^.~

    Nah I don't do explicit. To be fair, you'd probably be able to perceive them as just friends but obviously I have to put the warning in there for potentially ambiguous poses.

    XNALara. You know I'm like 2 years behind on this shiz. I downloaded it the other day and already have created my first 'scene'. I'm working on more though admittedly its going to be a while before I get good at it, because at the moment I'm restricted to a mouse pad which simply doesn't cut it.

    I plan to upload any creations to my deviant art page. Careful though, I'm a lemon fan and my favourite pairing is Lara x Amanda. Though, they're not explicit ~more affectionate.

    Thank you, thank you both :)
    Facebook update: Panda accepted me as a friend after realising I wasn't some strange person XD.

    I'm trying to kerb my excessive posting ~no longer wanna be a troll of sorts P: Though! I downloaded XNA Lara by Dusan and have started playing around with Lara so keep an eye out for any creations. Alternatively see my DeviantArt page ~ALittleBitReckless for any creations which I'm in the process of locating and uploading.

    Thank you ^^

    I somehow managed to miss a message via Youtube from MoD. But anyway I did reply and friended on facebook/yaknow. He said he'll make an appearance when his schedule clears up as he's off to university in a few weeks :)

    I am now officially following too many people on twitter. [hehe]

    I know right. That's the first thing I did when I welcomed back my addiction to Lara 8| .

    I'm so excited about Turning Point, obviously for the game but as a fan fiction follower- I'd love to be exposed to a more vulnerable and emotional Lara to fuel hopefully many more fics. And of course, as a role model of sorts; here's a twenty-one year old Lara being thrust into a world where she must use what she knows to survive (significant 'cause I'm 20 in September, though note that I will not be boarding a sea liner in hopes that it submerges and forcibly removes me from my comfort zone of my computer chair, god forbid. :3)

    Thanks for compiling the info guys, has saved from scavenging for the info myself :thumbsup

    It was magical really. My boyfriend had to ask me what the hell I was staring at given I wasn't staring at him (in a video call at the time). My reply was to simply copy the Youtube link to him. The sheer beauty of the CGI had me mesmerised and I completely fell in love all over again. So much so, I've taken to scouring once again looking for good tales I can sink my teeth into for a dash of escapism.

    And I haven't spoken to any of the 'oldies'. I spoke to MasterOfDisaster last year via Youtube messaging though I've completely lost touch with Panda unfortunately.

    And thank you, my mum is on the mend. She's on a long path back to recovery. She's plateau'd at the moment, her progress is somewhat inhibited by the perpetuating cycle of crushed confidence caused by lack of memory. We try ever so hard to build her self esteem only for her to shatter it, when she feels she is useless. To go from a mother who is responsible for all household chores to someone who is physically inable to participate in said chores (due to weakness and mental incompetance) is a huge leap. We're all starting to realise now exactly how much we've been through in the past two years since my last grandmother past away whom we were all very close to. Its at those times when you're walking through the emergency room to see YOUR relative in resus, that you realise how precious your family and friends are. At that point, materials and money mean nothing.

    Hello my lovelies, long time no see!
    To those who don't know me I used to be somewhat of a forum troll, a graphic fanatic and a lil tomb raider obsessed :3 This was four to five years ago and I am sure I have matured a little.
    What's new? Well.
    My mum suffered a serious brain injury in January of this year, and consequently I've been hopelessly devoted to ensuring she recovers as much as possible.
    I've been to the states and back to pursue a long distance relationship, and I've evolved into a hardcore online gamer on Perfect World International, (If ya'll take a walk on the wild side and try it, PM ingame on Harshlands PvP @ LilMissQQ (I decided I got bored of the PvE server so abandoned my well gears cleric D:)) and I'm still attempting dangerous scientific experimentation.

    After a conversation with a friend from said MMO, I stumbled upon the trailer for Turning Point which immediately reignited my passion for Lara <3.

    Missed you all :3

    Part of it, at least [hehe]

    I figure buying a PS3 (I'd never touch an XBox360) would be a waste of money. I'd only play Tomb Raider and the upcoming FinalFantasy XIII games. And given that I'm studying for my finals at Alevel and bending over backwards to get into the best Medical school in Britain, I'd be lucky to find time to cherish them. So I guess I'll just watch the cutscenes and read the fanfics.

    I couldn't agree more........................
    Not only did they leave out Max Kohler. they also totally ignored Vittoria's dad (which should've been the murder victim and not some scientist). :stupid

    They didn't totally ignore her father, they switched the roles slightly -no, I'd say shared since its in the book. Patrick (played by Ewan Mcgreggor, who was supposed to be Carlo Ventresca) adopted Vittoria's past, ie: The adoption. I prefer the director doing that than completely missing out the smaller aspects...such as the Air Machine in CERN which Langdon commented that he didn't expect he would need the proceeding info that Kohler gave him towards the end of the book.

    I did think the assassin looked like a bit of a sissy, and I distinctly remember the description of him being of "Mahogany" coloured skin, however that can be excused.

    And I am so glad they missed out the love scene..its good to see they've paid attention to similar films' criticism on the subject. It would have cheapened the film. I do hope there are a significant amount of deleted scenes, 'cause I would love to see more of CERN.

    I could sit and pick the film to pieces, but I'd prefer to celebrate it for what it is. Its a good adaption because those who aren't part of the Dan Brown 'cult' can understand it.