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    Angels and Demons

    Despite the fact that they messed around with the script, missed out Maximillian Kohler and hinted at A&D being the sequel to The da Vinci Code (which it is NOT), it was f*cking amazing for a film adaption, I particularly love Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria :love:

    And I respect that, but the game has been in production since 2003, and I know that the script, translations and voice acting is done early on as I've friends in the game industry. When you take that into consideration, it is an extremely long time.

    Thanks for the dialogue anyhow :D

    Yes, but Renesmee said "ending". Neither movie has an ending with Lara running braless.

    I understand what is meant, though. Angelina was forced to use some form of temporal breast enhancement for the first film, therefore it can be forgiven for thinking she was braless as it achieves a similar effect.

    In fact, she was criticised for refusing to wear the padding in the second film. Quite pathetic.

    May I add a completely alternative view to what may occur to most? The musing was induced by a comment that RedHell made:

    I'd let her stay the way she is now, and I'm stating that as a female [hehe]

    You've probably all seen my argument on the previous page on being relatively undecided as to whether Lara's physique is positive or negative, so bear that in mind.

    Anyhow; Why not just keep her as she is? Perhaps by doing so, it may give many women a reason to get back into the gym and to loose some weight, what with the waistlines of the western population spiralling out of control. So it may not be the right reason to loose weight, but it may help and it is not as if it isn't seen elsewhere. To justify my point, how many makeover programs do you see nowadays where women are asking for health / cosmetic help or help in regards to the wardrobe where the motivations of women are to get men back into bed with them, per sei? To draw male attention away from the unrealistic back into reality.

    Although in saying that, that argument could be applied to the size zero models or the models you seen in magazines. The majority of women when asked about that, would probably admit to raiding the fridge in a fit of comfort eating and so doing the opposite to the desired effect. Or it may be down to the individual. Some are angered and therefore motivated to get back into shape when they see the skeletons that Designers call women but others, I suppose suffer from further confidence loss.

    But after saying that, what about the hyped phrase "Personality is more important than appearance"? ...'cause Lara sure as hell has one powerful personality yet that is completely forgotten about most of the time.

    ...I'm sick of trying to put the world to right; there are too many relatives, it makes my head spin [hehe]

    I suppose, although SE have shown a certain disregard to the conventional period of time between demos and release, and the period of time between the Japanese release and the NA/EU releases -take Final Fantasy Dissidia for example. Japan had that last year, and we're not getting it until September this year. Forgive me, but translation does not take that long.

    Thats interesting...I wonder if the same will happen to Tomb Raider now Eidos has been bought, however I'm not sure about the market for Tomb Raider in Japan.

    -I love Jack E. Leonard's quote, "There's nothing wrong with you that reincarnation won't cure."
    -"Bless, he forgot to pay his brain bill."
    -"I can tell you're lying. Your lips are moving."

    The last phrase, is one that I would love to use on a politician.

    Oh I know, I absolutely hate SE for killing Zack, 'cause he was just so damn adorable -he just wanted to make a difference and he died in the process...I somewhat wish that it had been Cloud who had died. Zack's the hero in my books -Not Cloud as he was Zack's living legacy, therefore carried part of Zack with him when he 'killed' Sephiroth. Alas, VII wouldn't be the VII I love if Zack had not died.
    That and I don't think the potential crack pairing of Tifa x Zack would have had the magic it does because Zack is dead; Unfulfilled love being the most romantic since once love is aquired, the romance ends. Unfulfilled love exists only in the theoretical, it is not bound by the prospect of reality and so can be romantic.

    Anyway, back on topic.

    SE are being extremely tight lipped about the release, they've only said that any source other than themselves is unreliable. What would you say is the average length of time between the release of a demo of a game, and the release of the game? 'Cause a year is a pretty long time to wait if you go by some sources, which are suggesting that the European/American release of XIII could be as late as the 2nd quarter of 2010.

    Looking forward to them all the same. Just not to the price.

    See I've got my parents wrapped around my little finger in regards to getting the games:
    We've reached an agreement that if I get a clean sweep of A*/As in my AS levels and my English Literature AS/A2 Level, they will combine my Birthday and Christmas with that and buy me a new TV, a PS3, those games and TRU. With any luck the price of the PS3 will plummet some time soon, so I may be able to get a PS3 earlier.

    I can't decide on which game I will play first...the obvious choice would be XIII 'cause it is the main game but XIII Versus looks and sounds amazing -the tag line; "This is a Fantasy based on Reality" intrigues me greatly. It is supposed to be based on the Japanese Yakuza.

    I wonder if it will knock VII off the top spot of my all time favourite FFs...

    Speaking of which, Stella Nox Flueret looks strikingly similar to Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart: Aerith's Face and Tifa's eyes:

    ...And this scan of Noctis is reminiscent of Zack Fair from Crisis Core:

    ...and here I thought Noctis was supposed to be a cross between Cloud Strife and Sephiroth.

    Lets make this clear; NO console bashing in this topic. Nada, none.

    The FFXIII compilation has been in and out of gaming headlines since 2006, and I daresay it deserves its own topic here as it could be the saga of gaming which defines 2009. So far, we know that there will be three games in the XIII compilation, and there is allegedly a fourth in production:

    Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Xbox 360)
    Final Fantasy Agito XIII (PSP)
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)

    Despite the games sharing the same name and backdrop, they will be entirely independant of each other rahter than being sequels, where Xbox360 and PSP players would miss out. Each title will have its own style of gameplay: Final Fantasy XIII is an RPG, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is more action-oriented like Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII is an online game, having a battle style similar to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. And although the development for each title is being handled within Square Enix through separate teams, the character designs for the three officially revealed games are by Tetsuya Nomura, who is also the director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

    The Demos of Final Fantasy XIII and (?) FFXIII Versus will be playable on the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete bluray disk in Japan towards the end of March, with the release in America and Europe rumoured to be around April 09.

    The Trailers:
    FFXIII Versus

    There are a few more trailers and TV spots in circulation, however I'm too lazy to find them all [hehe] .

    My comment?
    These games may be the defining reason why I will buy a PS3 -those games look mindblowingly brilliant.

    I wanted [if you'll pardon the expression] to watch Wanted when it came out but it's an 18 over here and I'm only 16 so I couldn't go and see it in the cinema, and neither can I get it on DVD as I'm sure as hell going to be asked for ID.

    Watch it over the internet: Tv-links. Okay, its illegal but I think the Government have higher priorities than catching people watching films over the internet. That, and they haven't the Prison capacity.

    I rewatched Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name last night. I'm hooked on Japanese films now.

    "Go die"
    "Man alive! But I wish you weren't"
    "There are several people in this world that I find obnoxious and you are all of them"
    "Would you close the door please? No, from the other side"

    The last phrase comes in extremely handy.

    If perfection existed, I'd say that the books would come pretty darn close to it. However, I was soarly disapointed by the film adaption of The Da Vinci Code. Too much was ripped out and too many of the events weren't shown in chronological order according to the book.

    I watched the Simpsons Movie in the ungodly hours of this morning as I couldn't sleep.

    This isn't about a film I've watched but it still gave me a thrill. This film, if it lives up to the book, will be the undoubted highlight of my year aside from Glastonbury. And I saw the trailer for the frist time today. Get it watched.

    Angels and Demons, 2, 3

    I worship this book, and Dan Brown. However, I have a snag and I've mentioned this before. Its a prequel, NOT a sequel.

    I watched Girl, Interrupted last night. As I'm sure you're all aware, its based on the book about a young woman being placed into a Mental Institution after attempting suicide. I find the fact that Angelina Jolie has actually lost her Oscar for this film highly amusing:

    How does one go about loosing such a thing? :rofl

    I suppose, although I don't recall any company who haven't imposed an element or two onto a franchise or brand who they've bought... just look at Lloyds TSB and HBOS, not the same but not worlds apart either. Nevertheless, I'll be expecting something good considering TRU wasn't all it was hyped up to be and FFXIIIVersus looking as amazing as it does.

    Indeed, I thought she did well in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

    I doubt Angie would reprise her role, I mean we can't exactly say that the last two films were blockbusters, can we? No. I think we need someone fresh faced, someone who hasn't been built up from past successes so the film can't be too much of a disapointment; that is what I believe happened with the first two films...the people expected more.