Outfit-Auswahl jetzt in Tomb Raider I-III Remastered verfügbar

Die Outfit-Auswahl wird für jedes der Abenteuer separat freigeschalten. Nachdem man das jeweilige Spiel einmal beendet hat, steht Laras Kleiderschrank im Pausenmenü zur Verfügung. Dabei kann man in allen Titeln in Outfits aus allen Abenteuern der Remastered-Collection schlüpfen. Zusätzlich kann man Lara mit ihrer ikonischen Sonnenbrille ausstatten, wenn gewünscht - das ging vorher nur versteckt im Rahmen eines Easter Eggs.

(Hinweis: Die Outfit-Auswahl greift nur in der Remastered-Optik, wenn man auf die Original-Grafik umschaltet, hat Lara wieder das reguläre Kostüm an)

Wie das aussehen kann, seht ihr hier.


Die vollständigen Patch-Notes findet ihr hier.

  • You asked for it! We've added an in-game Outfit Selector to the game.
    • The Outfit Selector is available from the pause menu.
    • The feature is unlocked specifically for each game after completing a playthrough of that game.
    • Once unlocked, all Outfits from all three adventures can be switched between.
    • It includes a toggle for Lara Croft's iconic red glasses (which is definitely the most stylish option!)
  • Using a hotkey no longer interrupts running or walking when using a thumbstick.
  • Posters of Lara Croft in “Sleeping with the Fishes” are now appearing in HD mode.
  • Various improvements to SFX have been made across all three games.
  • Improved combat in Modern Controls in all three games.
  • Improvements to Lara's model have been implemented.
  • Added the missing water caustic effects to TR1 and TR2.
  • Improved water color in “River Ganges” level in TR3.
  • Monkey bars are now more visible in High Security Compound in TR3.
  • Fixed the issue with modern controls showing the sky when the camera goes through corners.
  • Fixed an issue where Greek translations would show up too wide in some of the menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong texture was being used on the snowmobile in “The Cold War” level in TR2.
  • Fixed an issue in TR2 where part of the geometry was protruding into the level in “40 Fathoms.”
  • Added explosion FX for “Bartoli’s Hideout” in TR2.
  • Various improvements have been made to fire FX across all three games.
  • Fixed an issue where bats would sometimes flicker upon death in TR1.
  • Fixed game selection icons for UK players.
  • Fixed a missing window in Willard’s Lair in TR3 The Lost Artifact.
  • Added details on all ceiling openings in Temple Ruins in TR3.
  • Fixed an incorrect snow position in Caves level in TR1.
  • Fix targeting enemies while crouched in TR3.
  • Added quick save/reload hotkeys for controller players.
  • Fixed the Indra Key position in the Jungle level.


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    • Endlich Tomb Raider I mit verschiedenen Outfits spielen! Nur schade, dass ich damit eigentlich mal wieder durch bin... :D