Rogue Galaxy

  • Rogue Galaxy is a new RPG :D I had it sent to me last week, it's great fun! It also has over 100 hours of game play which is something i love about games - i'll get my money's worth. So far there hasn't been any problems with it too! I like it :D
    As the main character you travel the galaxy to different planets for different missions, its partly free roam too. The graphics are built to look like 3D anime which i also love :P
    Anyone else played it or seen it about?

  • I've heard about it and seen it in the rental stores, but paid it no mind. Now that I'm hearing about it from you, I should go rent it to see the glory be for myself, =D !

  • Well its intended to look like anime, so i guess its not everyone's sorta thing, but being a fan of anime i like it :D