Tomb Raider: "Uncharted".

  • Hello there! Rather excited to meet everyone. Been tossing an idea around for a Tomb Raider story for years and just couldn't quite get it to come out. However, recently, I came across an older story idea of mine for Tomb Raider and wanted to revisit it and polish it a bit. After I started polishing, a new idea hit me...a cross over between Uncharted and Tomb Raider.

    Many people have done such a cross over, mostly as either a porn or a romance situation. Not me. I want a really good story with two great adventurers working together. So a bit of background about my version of Lara Croft.

    She is 31 years old. Its been ten years since Yamatai and the events of the Tomb Raider reboot. I have blended our new Lara with certain elements of the old Lara (from Anniversary, Legend and Underworld) and the movie Lara (Angelina Jolie) to create a unique interpretation of Lara Croft, one that is set in the universe of the films and the Legend Trilogy and the reboot combined into a single character. Essentially, the following events are canon to my version of Lara Croft:

    The Ten Thousand Immortals
    2013-current Dark Horse Tomb Raider stories
    First Tomb Raider Film
    Second Tomb Raider Film

    I have not included any references to the events of Rise of the Tomb Raider yet because no one has played it obviously. In the ten years between the events on Yamatai until now, Lara has went from the inexperienced young woman into a deadly, experienced and wise warrior that we know. She looks like a mix between Angelina Jolie and the new reboot of Lara only somewhat older and more hard edged. Most of the characters are from the films but there will also be mentions of the games and those events.

    Nathan Drake is from the time between Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2. He and Elena have not married yet nor has he settled down. Sully is still with him. That said and establishing the universe we are operating in, here is the story summary:

    "Its been two months since the disastrous events in Africa at the Cradle of Life. Lara Croft, world-class controversial archeologist and adventurer, has sank into a deep depression that she cannot shake, having learned the lesson that some things are not meant to be found harshly. She feels utterly responsible for the death of the man she once loved and has cut off all contact with the outside world. Nathan Drake, ever the charming scoundrel, has dragged his friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan and his now debateable girlfriend, free lance journalist Elena Fisher into the Pacific Ocean, not far off the coast of Hawaii, searching for a Spanish expedition that was lost in the early 1500s, pre-dating the voyage of Magellan.

    Events are set into motion surrounding the discovery of seven artifacts, seven spheres that act as keys that allow a person to unlock and control all of heaven, creation and hell, a means of obtaining literal godhood. These events prompt MI6 to send Agents Stevens and Colloway to seek out the two most qualified people on Earth to locate and recover them before someone else does and uses them. Already having a history with Lara from the incident surrounding Pandora's Box, they are not sure she will help them.

    The only other problem?

    Someone has already beat them to the punch and its a race against time as Lara and Drake must face old enemies and return to Africa, China, Greece, Rome and more to reclaim the past before this shadow organization does or all will be lost forever as eternal hell is unleashed on Earth."

    I have included a link to the story, which is in progress over on FanFiction. I would welcome any feedback or critiques. Thanks! I don't know how to make links here as the HTML code didn't work so please copy and paste the link into your browser of choice.…9/1/Tomb-Raider-Uncharted