The Rhubarb Tart Song

  • Im Tomb Raider Comic #7 (Dark Horse) von Rhianna Pratchett und Gail Simone singt die junge Lara zusammen mit ihrem Onkel den Rhubarb Tart Song.
    Hier der Text zum Nachsingen:

    1) I want another slice of rhubarb tart.
    I want another lovely slice.
    I'm not disparaging the blueberry pie
    But rhubarb tart is oh so very nice.
    A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!
    A whatbarb tart? A rhubarb tart!
    I want another slice of rhubarb tart!

    2) The principles of modern philosophy
    Were postulated by Descartes.
    Discarding everything he was uncertain of
    He said 'I think therefore I am a rhubarb tart.'
    A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!
    Rene who? Rene Descartes!
    Poor Marx he thought he was a rhubarb tart!

    3) A rhubarb tart has fascinated all the poets.
    Especially the immortal bard.
    He made Richard the Third call out at Bosworth Field:
    'My kingdom for a slice of rhubarb tart!'
    Immortal what? Immortal tart!
    A rhubarb what? A rhubarb bard!
    As rhymes go that is really pretty bard!

    4) Since Wassily Kandinski and Paul Klee
    Laid down the axioms of abstract art
    Even Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian
    Preferred to paint a slice of Rhubarb tart
    A Wasi- who? A Wassily!
    A Candin- who? a Candinty
    And how did he get in here for a start?

    5) Read all the existentialist philosophers,
    Like Schopenhauer and Jean-Paul Sartre.
    Even Martin Heidegger agrees on one thing:
    Eternal happiness is rhubarb tart.
    A rhubarb what? A rhubarb tart!
    Jean-Paul who? A Jean-Paul Sartre!
    That sounds just like a rhyme from Lionel Bart!

    6) I'm sorry...
    If however you're a beekeeper, accountancy,
    Sir, General-in-Command,
    Our advice to you is always go to work
    On a slice of Rhubarb Tart!!!