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    Originally posted by Will4389
    It would probably melt my computer so i probably wont be downloading the demo...
    Speaking of news i've heard that eidos are planning something special for TR's 10th anniversary this year, and there's speculation of remake of the first tr but obviously it's all speculation..

    WOW thats would be cool! Just imagine! A lara in her first outfit , some new guns, maibe a better look of herself and a totally new tomb raider one! :-o :roll: :roll:

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    Originally posted by Will4389
    I know none of you like the 360, when we did a pole on it, but i just thought i'd say mine has finally come, woo! I just thought i'd say because not many people post on the main topics anymore so might as well give something to talk about...
    Just need tr legends to come out now, although i didn't buy a 360 just for that game..

    WELL for what game(s) them? Im gonna buy my Legend for my PC at first!

    REASONS WHY PS1,PS2 and others are better then PC:

    1. There are no ERRORS is the console systems
    2. YOU can sit where ever you like, NOT only on a computer chair.
    3. Your hands are free
    4. Your body doest get uncomfortable so soon as behind the pc.
    5. The consoles take 10 times LESS eletrisity
    6. I hate playing on the keyboard since all the bottons are far away from each other.
    7. There are no patches and download things on the consoles? SO? Its faw better to play TR with the consoles.
    8. PC like The Sims2 are good for computer.
    9. TR is a adventure not a "typing" game!
    10. A good GAMING PC costs like 1063-1687 EUROS! THAT is expensive and a waist of money if its just for playing.
    11. Even when garfic is better on PC ALL the TR games are the SAME!