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    Eventually the game manufacturers have to push consumers to buy the new consoles. It will surprise me if TR8 is not next-gen. There is enough of a next-gen market now, which there wasn't really when Legend was released — people didn't want to upgrade yet.

    I can't believe it! I killed the T-Rex on my second try at it!! :D
    hey, I saw it's eye lol... very cool

    a quibble:
    enemies are not smart enough. bears don't come up stairs (making them a really easy target if you're standing on stairs, and it's possible to shoot and kill some of the baddies before they "notice" you. also, they don't seek cover when they are being shot at... for instance in the first door puzzle (where you go through the arrows, then raise the two latches on either side), you can shoot one of the wolves up top from the other side and it just stands there, wincing and whining. not a smart idea [hehe] also, there seems to be a lot of the enemies getting stuck behind walls, or just in dents in the walls/landscaping.


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    aww she digs heheh for fun? hehe

    Well, she goes exploring in the day (to the extent her enclosure lets her, unless there's someone home to keep an eye on her outside her pen), and at night she likes to burrow in somewhere cozy lol :)

    I've just finished up my first hour and half or so... I'm very impressed!

    It's so much better than Legend! I've only made it as far as the first bear (which was really, a little too easy to kill :P though, the wolves that snuck up on me were a different matter!), but I must say, even in this short a time I get the impression they've spent some time ironing out the little details. Obviously, much more thought has been put into the layout of the levels to make them challenging and interesting. The ledges and other elements have been really well blended into the landscaping in the caves, and the atmosphere is really good. And for some reason, this game seems lighter on my computer than Legend was... they must have worked on optimising it and making it more efficient, because I run everything maxxed and there's still no decrease in frame rate. Has anyone else noticed the Lara's spiffy way of moving sometimes, like when she grapples something and looks like she's from the matrix or something? just for a split second? Also, the way enemies disappear once they're dead is better. Although, the enemies really should not disappear at all, but if they do, then it should be abrupt and well-defined, not a gradual fade-out, like they're trying to pretend they aren't disappearing.
    I went to the manor to begin with, and though I didn't get very far with it (I tend to take it pretty easy), it just seems somehow more immersive. The environment is richer and less sterile, the gym more challenging and puzzle-like. Not made it outside yet. Lol, I haven't even found any secrets :( :P
    The new elements of combat are pretty cool too, like the mauling and the knocking over, though I haven't had much experience with them yet so it remains to be seen whether they really add to the game.
    The controls have been polished. Moving sideways along a ledge is now much less prone to bungling up because of changing camera angles, which makes everything run much more smoothly. I like have sneak and walk, but I sometimes wish there was a sprint. At first (only because I expected it after Legend), I missed the continuous shooting when you hold down the shoot button, but it's actually a nicer feel to have to click for each shot. Not had a chance to do a grapple walk run thing yet.
    The atmosphere is great! The empty spaces and proportions and all that... Good music too! Again, better than Legend in this regard too... in most games I play (which isn't many), I usually end up turning off the music in the first ten or so minutes, but here it actually adds to it :)
    I thought it was funny how Lara just shrugged off her guide's demise. Don't you think she looks like Julia Roberts sometimes? From a slightly lower angle she does.
    It's silly that you can't read the same thing twice in the manor.
    Oh, one negative: The wall hangings and some textures on the statues in the manor. They are really pixelated and low rez. What's up with that? And, the hangings are repeated!!! Would it really have used much more memory to have good quality, non-repeated draperies and statues!? Bloody hell!

    In Summary: polished, perfected Legend controls and engine. More refined. Much much better level layout, even apparent this early in the game... good atmosphere that reminds me of a blend of the solitude of older TRs and of actually visiting this sort of place in real life. Poor taste in choosing draperies.

    I think I'll be skipping a bunch of classes next week ;)

    Ummm, well I'm off to bed. I have to work tomorrow :(

    ^ is agreed with by sir grape himself


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    I'm not a big horror-fan anyway... most of the time I think they funny (more like ridiculous) and not scary.

    moi aussi.... this type of film, they are so predictable..

    It might be cool if instead of simply having other characters playable in the same role as Lara they created an alternate minigame for each. [hehe] Though some storylines might not be very exciting lol

    :( My computer is bungling up! Just when TR is being released!!! Args!

    I have to take it in to be assessed for warranty work. The keyboard think I am continuously holding down the enter key, which needless to say makes using the computer fairly impossible. At the same time I'll get the longstanding problem of a temperamental optical drive sorted out. So I'll be computerless, which would be fine (even with the large amount I use it for uni, because I can use their computers to do work on in the interim), except this also means I will be TRAless (because I can't really bring one of their computers home to play on!!!!)!!!! :( :mad:

    MISS EVERT!!! How is it? I'm sorry I haven't got AIM yet, but there's not much point at the moment!

    Hello leapfreak! long time no see!

    TRG, just to let you know, it seems there's no yahoo or icq buttons equivalent to the msn (and the rest of them) button. not that anybody really uses these messengers.


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    English. I know a trifule of Japanese, but I wish to speak it fluently. I'm capable of speaking with the British accent very well too. I do it most of the time. Most people think I was born in England.

    You seem to know how to use fairly proper English as well, which might make them think so too.