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    What kinda wonders me, it looks like for Underworld they used the same Graphic engine. Okay, Lara has some more moves and animations, but basically, if you look at the Level Designer from FarCry 2, almost every talented designer can make great Levels with the Editor within a couple of hours or less.

    Now imagine a Team of professional level designers and you have a new TR game ready in a month.

    Using a existing Graphic engine, add some new animations and new levels and you have a new game.

    I have a suspiscion that this game is just a fast production to make money.

    Alright now, after reading all that I must ask you a question. Since I don't have the game yet, ( still waiting for it to be released ) would you recommend it ? :think:

    I would recommend to rent it before you buy it. You can complete the game on a bloody weekend anyways.

    Like Catacomb said, its a little disappointing for a TR Fan.

    WTF?! Its over!! Already?! You can finish TRU on a bloody weekend!! I really have to say that its kinda disappointing. The first
    TR Game thats not worth the money. Its too short on actual Gameplay, the graphic, especially the textures of the Characters, are XBOX Graphic and not Next-Gen Graphics. But worst of all, it doesnt have the famous TR flair anymore. Weird Storyline, Geographical locations quite boring, on XBOX 360 it saves every bloody chapter as a separate Savefile, overall, not satisfying. I've played all TR games exept AoD, so i know what i'm talking about.

    Look back at TR3 or The Last Revelation, these were games i spent bloody months playing it, even using a bloody walkthrough!

    I sold Underworld at ebay again. The only really nice level was in Thailand.
    The Game is definitely way too short.
    You dont need to buy it, rent it over the weekend, it doesnt take longer to complete.
    Why cant you select a Gamechapter of your Choice again? And also no "what happened before" option.

    ich find die bewegungen nicht besser als bei anniversary oder legend.. ich finde sie teilweise total miserabel, z.B. bei der demo 'Überreste', wo Lara an der Wand gleich am anfang hoch klettert und ihre beine so sehr spreizt, dass es schon wehtun muss.. :/

    Sehe ich genauso. Der Power Move hat mir besonders gefallen, sehr coole sache mit den Headshots. Das mit dem klettern und Beine spreitzen sieht echt was komisch aus. Obs ihr weh tut, so trainiert wie sie ist, macht sie bestimmt ganz locker einen Spagat, siehe Alison Caroll.

    I havent played TR Underworld for a couple of days now.. Spicy riddles pull me down sometimes..

    Anniversary was way more exciting and not soo difficult. I sold Underworld at egay again, lost 15 Euro...

    Did anyone notice, that she shoots very slow with her Pistols? That kinda sucks, also, where is the Power Move?

    Normally when i play TR, i play it every day, but with Underworld... Its different.

    Thanks Bosmann, these Horses really screwed me. I could never imagine to pull away their shield. Top explaination and screenshots! :rope:

    On the photos you can see, that she cant pose professional, or the photographer was no good. And since when has Lara dark-brown with light-brown hair?
    She seems to be sympathic from what you can see on the Bonus DVD of TRA.

    i borrowed it and gave it back. I thought i was a big TR Fan, but here are some people that seem that their entire life if about Tomb Raider...
    Its surprising to see soo many women beeing totally in love with this game.
    Seems like Lara Croft is some kinda idol for you girls.