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    ^ I can answer one of your questions: Natla was indeed buried under a column and trapped inside the exploding pyramid. BUT Natla already survived a fall into a lava pit, and she claimed to be immortal. So it is likely that she survived.

    then what's everyone on about with natla being in a some icy prison?

    i never did the original first game (on pc) cos i never got hang of the controls so i don't no how that version ended

    and i no they were in croft manor but in the 1st trailer you see lara blow up croft mansion so i'm still fuzzy on that bit!

    I'm so confused! :(

    In the proto trailer you saw lara blow up the mansion!

    has zip got all evil and started working with natla or something?

    is natla a god and lara wants to kill her?

    if natla isn't the god who is?

    I thought Natla got spaltter under a pillar at the end of anniversary?

    if not was lara trying to to find natla?


    :( too many questions

    my head hurts! ;(

    I couldn't resist the urge to tell everyone possible about the crazy fund-raising my school has done.

    you see it was guys only, and the final match was the boys netball
    team vs the teachers male netball team. it was a pound to enter, two
    pounds to not wear a skirt, and 50p to go watch :D

    yer that's right.

    my school is mad

    which is a tad cool =D

    what you guys think?

    anyone else done crazy stuff for charity?

    :O miss outlaw wot happened?! ...a few weeks isn't long to have tortoise, lol...?

    I'd like hens, so I could have fresh eggs.

    well, firstly, we only had the tortoise because my nan found it on her balcony in london...yer i though it was weird...we didn't plan on getting one, but we kept it for a while before giving to a rescue centre.

    and the hens. we have too many eggs. i'm not joking. We've got boxes of them in the fridge, tons crammed into the egg house we have ( i know, egg house :D ) and there's almost no space in the kitchen cos the eggs are all over the place. whenever someone comes over it's always "want some eggs?" lol. we keep on trying to come up with ways of getting rid of them, but being in the middle of no where it's pretty hard to sell them. and everyone has hens around here. i do recall my mum finding a recipe for a wedding cake that used 25 eggs, but we couldn't think of a reason to make the cake...

    not that many people will care

    i keep disappearing!

    but this time I have an excuse: i lost my password :D

    anyway, hi all! :wave2:

    hope you don' t mind me returning to cause mayhem


    and i hope i don't get rejected :sulk:

    The pyramids is a very good point. They say that the triangluar shape of the pyramids is absolutely perfect. How did people manage it with such simple tools? And why is it the peaks of the pyramids actually point in the direction of another planet?

    I didn't know that ^ lol =] still maybe they were a more advance culture than people think. i think aliens probably exist because there is so much SPACE out there there must be something else out there too. Just a quick question; am i the only person that watchs dr who and torchwood? lol =D