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    you can't get that one, as far as i know. you can only get the ripped version. feel free to prove me wrong, anyone.

    i take it you have to do absolutley everything to get the bikini's then? because i have never completed the England time trial and i've never had the bikini's.

    i used to absolutly HATE the last part of the Japan level. but now i found i can do it in a matter of 1 and a half minutes.

    i always make sure before i go in the lift to get there that i have 3 medipacks (not that i have had to use one), and full ammo for the rifle. when i get there i use the rifle long distance, and jump and duck his attacks. when the ammo runs out, i use the pistols while locked on to him, and try and get as close as possible and avoid his attacks at the same time. works a treat :shoot:

    i love that!

    and it's actually "as in, take the M5 to the A30, Cornwall?"

    sorry, i'm a perfectionist.......

    yeah, Zip and Alistar talk most of the time to Lara, but i'm on PS2, so that might be a difference.....

    its obvious that there is going to be a sequal as Lara has to look for Avalon (if they didnt release a game about it it would make no sense!).

    but if you think about consoles, they most likely wouldn't release it on PS2 anyway as its kind of a new Lara, and considering that the PS2 had been around for like 5 years now (i think) they probably want to relaese it on newer consoles to add to the New and Shiny effect, if you catch my drift.

    i always get the one where they say hello to eachother.

    there's one about Zip stalking an ex girlfriend although he see's himself as a guardian angel, one where she asks if anything interesting is happening in the world and he said he's onto it, one where he hints that the computer is hooked up to the safe, one saying to annoy Alistar with the grapple, and another the same except with the guns, one where Alistar asks if there is a more suitable way of getting what she wanted than swinging round the grapple, another about what type of bullets she was using, Alistar asks if shes going outside and she replies that there are so many dark places to explore indoors, and i think a fair few more....

    my favourite comment is where in the first level Lara comes by those funny spikey pole things, and Zip says in a whispered voice "its the centre of the evil coat rack empire!"

    oh my god that was so funny.

    also something ive noticed. in the manor, Lara sometimes talks to Zip when you walk up to him. mine once had:

    LARA: Zip, how do you work out, i never actually see you leave this room

    but in the movie where she brings Excalibur home, hes out of the room...


    ive worked it out now.

    ive completed the whole game (except for england wakthrough) and i now i have a few cheatcodes.

    using Excalibur is the BEST!!!! wish it was real.....

    I think I have found another one of those stupid bugs!!!!

    when you're fighing the big giant REALLY SCARY giant water snake, in the ordinary level i can do it fine on the first three, the last one takes some time but i complete it after a while.

    but on the time trial version of this level, i can't do it. i do all the same technique and stuff, but he always moves his head before i can do it. i try and get closer to help, but i usually misjudge where the water is and fall in.


    i am going to try and play the level before i move on anyway....

    but because my printer ran out of ink, i had to write out the walkthrough by hand, and i make more sence of it when it's in print, so i'll try printing it and see if that works better....

    i have a slight problem with this level.

    i have followed Tombraidergirl's walkthrough exactly,but when i complete the level i'm always missing at least two Bronze Rewards. why is this?