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    O.K. For the unreachable large madi-pack, I can't do it. But deos the so-called Corner Bug only work for the PC ? 'Cuz I'm playing on a PS2...

    I've seen the screenshots, too. But they only have screenshots of Caves and Lost Valley. Does this mean those are the only two levels there's gonna be ? Or is there gonna be Natla's Mines, Tomb of Tihocan, Atlantis, City & Obelisk of Khamoon etc.. ?

    Well, my opinion is kind of in the middle. I haven't seen aliens or U.F.O.s so it's hard to believe in, but maybe we're not the only existable planet in the whole universe ( which I believe has no limits :einfall:)

    For the Second Secret in the first level, I can't even reach the place. Even though I stand in the left corner, Lara won't get a grip.
    Do you have other tricks to help me get on that platform ?

    P.S. I still had the disc for PS1 but it works on my PS2 so I use it on my PS2, does it make a difference ?

    Hi !! I don't know if you mean the puzzle with the platform and a door you have to go through, but here's a trick you can do before you go down.