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    Originally posted by soulofimmortal
    the shotgun is gold AND you only need one shot to kill your enemys...

    I know it only takes one shot, ;-). I was wondering if it was actually gold, or just has a golden (one shot kill) effect =) . I don't like the idea of a golden shotgun. I never really liked surreal modifications on guns.

    I've updated my website! Here's a list of what's updated:

    - Tomb Raider game list now has direct links to each Tomb Raider game on Wikipedia

    - Information on the Tomb Raider movies and the animated series Re/Visioned

    - The about Lara page; In Gaming section has an image of Lara throughout the years

    - Images have been added to the movies and Re/Visioned updates

    - An episode list of Re/Visioned

    - Forum no longer exists

    The site will be updated later as well.


    - New website template

    - Falling Leaves are gone

    - New sections - Fan Fiction Corner Info, Fan Fiction Corner, and Past Fan Fiction


    I have every outfit except Winter Orange No Coat and the Black Swimsuit.

    It's easy, the time trials with the codes. But I need to find that Winter Orange NC to get the black swimsuit. I'm too lazy to search for it, or check my strategy guide.

    Sorry for the late post. I hadn't realized there was another reply here, :o).

    Thanks, tombraiderlover. I'm working on another short story, first person, in case you or Metroida, or anyone else is/are interested.

    I haven't even tried it yet. Whenever I play CM and save the game wearing a specific outfit, the default one that comes up in the outfit select (the one that's already chosen) is the one I wore in CM, in this case Catsuit.

    I wasn't even aware of this bug... :-?.

    There was a minor glitch in this level for me. When the swords were falling down, I was directly beneath one, but it wasn't falling. It was still in the ceiling. It only happened once, because the second time, it fell.

    It literally was stuck. Lara was directly beneath it, and it didn't fall, [hehe].

    Yeah. I liked the X360 version better where you have the lace shirt under the jacket instead of the plain white one and the jacket is black and purple not black and red.

    Same here. I sometimes take my time and enjoy the level, (except in Egypt which i dont play). And sometimes when I do rush, its not when I'm in TT mode, T_T .

    Completely different than Grand Theft Auto. Better, actually. You see, in the Agency, you don't go door to door and complete missions for various gangsters. You get professional contracts, and you play as either a mercenary or spy.

    Read the long bit of information I posted, that's quite hard to miss. It's all there, ;-).