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    I had this game about two years ago. To me it kinda seemed to be a mix of games in one.

    You had some fairly free roaming and could proceed in the game at your own pace. What made it interesting was the photography aspect (for me) There were a number of weird and wonderful creatures in the game and you were awarded points for finding them. And of course there were a good number of rares to find. Very much like Pokémon Snap on the N64 in that way.

    Other than that it was a fairly short, run of the mill adventure with below par combat mechanics.

    Definately worth a play if you're bored though :)

    In fairness I think I have an obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to games. Gotta have 'em all!

    Although I'm guessing many of these classic games I have wouldn't appeal to a generation that didn't experience them when they were originally released.

    ....Anyway, I'm right in the middle of a game of Earthworm Jim, so if you'll excuse me :)


    Hmm, no-one mentioned any boundaries to this little contest so I'm assuming emulation also counts.

    With that in mind here's what I have...

    (These figures won't be 100% accurate but fairly close, give or take 5 or 6)

    Let's go alphabetical.

    Amiga (AGA and ECS) - 1,752 games

    Amstrad (CPC 464/664/6128) - 9,095 games

    Arcade originals (straight from the original machines) - 3,254 games

    Commodore 64 - 6,000 games

    Neo Geo - 181 games

    Neo Geo CD - 97 games

    Nintendo 64 - 410 games

    Nintendo Entertainment System - 745 games

    PC - 38 games

    Playstation X - 40 games

    Sega Dreamcast - 8 games

    Sega Mastersystem II - 790 games

    Sega Genesis/Megadrive - 2,908 games

    Spectrum ZX - 4,746 games

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System - 971 games

    All tallied up, gives us a grand total of..... 31,035 games.

    Sounds like a lot, but there are collectors out there that easily break the 100,000 bracket!

    If anyone is interested in chatting about and playing old games from their childhood feel free to drop me a mail at

    Ok, so I've unlocked a few costumes. I can change into them in Croft Manor, but is there any way I can use them in the main campaign?