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    Amanda is two years younger than Lara--it was said on her official biography. I think it can be found in either the Legend strategy guide or on the main website. I've seen it before.

    And Amanda's hair isn't grey--it was originally blonde until she bleached it.

    That's interesting, so as a conclusion I read that her age is now changed by Crystal. It's around 28-34 as of Legend, so you can sum up Amanda's age :P

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year after...2 days for meh already, now is 00:00!
    So Santa gave to me:
    A digital photo frame
    A note with a lock and key
    A fluffy panda toy...awww it's soo cute :pat
    And that's about it...actually...cause...I have most stuff like dvds and stuff ... and TRU :love: So now it will get hard'er and hard'er for Santa to give me presents :lol:

    2.) Sequel?
    Yes. Actually, there's going to be a sequel and a video game, but the game is related to the movie and the original comic book.

    There will be a video game of the film? Cool.

    Fully on topic:
    The film is great! Great action and great story!
    I love Angie :love:

    I'm at the part where I have to place a moveable box under a ledge so I can climb to reach a switch, which will open a path to the church. The problem is that Lara can't reach the ledge to the switch. Do i need to get Lara stronger or something(not that I remember that this has to be done, but... :huh ). So what is that, a bug?

    No I haven't tried to reinstall the game. I have installed the latest patch.
    And I think I may be using old save games - I am using Stella's savegames from, but the game was crashing before I had installed the patch.

    So the title says it all, but I'll explain it with detailes.

    So, I was at the last level(Ekhard's Lab) and I was at the cage where I had to take the glass vessel. Since I drowned several times in the hot water, I loaded and loaded the save from the begining in the cage. I died for the third time and I quickly opened the main menu, selected Load Game and the game crashed! In an Application Error window it showed me this message:
    Build Aug 6 2003 11:12:23

    The Following Error has occured

    Generic Game Error

    ASSERTION: 'i < NUM_OPTIONS' at C:\projects\tomb raider\Game\frontend\menu.c(227)

    So I ran the game again and selected Load Game from the Start Menu, but again, the game crashed :(
    The only way I can load a save game is when I start a new game and die. I also can't make savegames from the menu, only with F5.
    Does anybody know a solution to this problem?

    Thanks in advance :comp

    Not exactly a link, but the list which has to show on mouse over, isn't showing.

    Sorry for explaining it unclearly.

    I'm using Avant Browser and guess, it isn't working only through Avant, with other browsers it's working.

    But still, the drop down menu is supposed to work with everything.