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    I was just thinking about things in the Tomb Raider series that make me laugh...not the intentionally funny stuff, but the (sometimes) campy dialogue and ridiculous things that happen in cut scenes!

    Some of my favorites are:

    Tomb Raider 2: Lara's general facial expressions when she's doing something bad ass like flying a plane or something. And the sound bytes that they use in game are used in the cut scenes as well haha.
    Tomb Raider Chronicles: The cut scene where a mid-teen Lara ALMOST takes her top off. The scene was just soooo awkward and clunky that it was laughable.
    Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness: The hilarious scene where Lara can get shot if you say the wrong thing. As if she were dumb enough to just get shot on the spot for saying something stupid.
    Tomb Raider Underworld: Bhogovati, Thailand. If you wear a swimsuit instead of the jungle outfits, she buckles invisible straps in the very first cut scene.

    What did you find humorous about any thing in the series?


    In my opinion, the voice actress sounds a lot like Victoria Beckham, haha.

    I can just imagine the folks at Crystal Dynamics: "And this time around we have a star voice actress, Posh Spice!"

    Would be totally unexpected, right? ;)


    A truly brilliant film. I honestly think it was the best film of 2008, and I am patiently waiting for it to get a wide release so I can take my friend to go see it with me. Sean Penn protrays Harvey Milk wonderfully, and I personally think he should win several awards for it. The movie also was very good at showing both sides of the gay argument. We get to see how both sides stand on the issue, including the ridiculous ramblings of Anita Bryant and her followers. We see the struggles the gay community face and their coming together with the help of Harvey Milk to overcome these struggles. The movie also mirrors a lot of what is still going on today, such as the passing of Prop 8 today and their work to stop the passing of Prop 6 back in the 70's. The movie has a fantastic cast who really know what they're doing. They simply bring the characters to life. I would recommend this movie to anyone. Overall, I'd give it a 9 or 10 out of 10. I might have to see it a second time to come to a decision.

    Hopefully Eric Lindstrom can talk about this cutscene a little bit for us, if he's allowed. I would definitely like to know what it was all about. It's honestly a very random cutscene, but could very well fit in given a few tweaks of the storyline.

    I dont see why everyone is comparing Underworld to Angel of Darkness. AoD had WAY more bugs than Underworld...Plus, AoD was a terrible game, Underworld is actually fantastic, I'm very pleased with it. I don't see it as anywhere near AoD...Seriously, it's not that bad haha.


    When in the passage you could find an artefact, an animal's head I think it was, have you got that?

    If you have, you need to go back the way you came (use the bike) and where you started this sublevel (below the timed gate) you can use the artefact you found to get the lever to work and open the exit.

    Thanks! I think TR: U on the wii is a bit different...To open a gate all I had to do was do a mini puzzle only for the Wii, and got through. But I just beat the level, so thanks!

    For anyone who has got to the end of the Land of the Dead level and have Thor's belt, what do you do after you get it? I have the Wii version, so Idk if it's any different than the other versions, however, I received Thor's belt and have got back to the main room with the sitting statues. My PDA only says "There must be an exit somewhere nearby" and/or "Something must have happened with the green goo." I've been everywhere but Idk where the exit is or what the goo has anything to do with it.

    Help would be appreciated!

    I don' get where your problem lies... why wont you just walk out the retracted plank after using the first lever to retract it?
    There's not much to it. It's relatively simple.

    If you are at the bottom of the chamber with the lever, climb back up, there are ledges and other means everywhere. If you are outside just find a way in, it should not be too difficult to find a way to either of the two chambers (top or bottom).

    Okay, nevermind, I found my way to the top! The climbable wall on the right side was kinda hard for me to climb up haha. Now that I've got both retracted, I have pulled the level on the spiked thing, jumped across the other side with a grappel, and pulled that lever and the spiked chain only goes up farther, and now I'm not sure what to do...I must say, Underworld is pretty hard early on xD

    You need to do the same on the other side. (Just cross the walkway from the first lever.) Retracting the two walkways will release the spiky platform, so it can be pulled up.

    I can't find the other lever. I'm not above the kraken, I am still where I came in, only it's a floor below me. I dropped down after the cutscene, used this lever and now I can't find the other one, and it's not on the other side because the other side has nothing.

    Yeah, when I first saw seven I was thinking "So are those just the first seven?" haha. I of course didn't expect it to be really long, however, I do agree that it should be longer than Legend. I beat Legend in two days simply because it was so short, and if I have to wait 2 more months for Underworld I want to atleast be playing it longer than two days. I'm hoping Thailand will be semi-long, because IMO that level looks really fun. While I think quality, not quantity, it would be nice to see it at a long length. Not particularly Last Revelation length, but long enough to keep us playing for awhile. I guess as long as it's a good game it shouldn't matter, though :yepp

    Are those 7 the only levels? Or will there be multiple levels within each "level"? For example, 1 level in the mediterranean sea section while Thailand has maybe 3 levels? For example, in Legend, how Bolivia (the first level) had only 1 level while Peru had 3 levels and Kazakhstan had 3? Hopefully this makes sense? Lol.