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    If the next game fails, Tomb Raider is dead. And it is likely to fail because fans don't like to be pressured. I would be surprised if 1/3 of the people who've played the previous games will play the next. And I don't think that the game will reach many new gamers; if did not care about it in the past, why should they now? And I have the feeling that the Xbox isn't selling that well. I've not seen a single person eyeing the console in stores.

    I agree with you on that! I'm not sure how many players would buy an Xbox to play the upcoming game, not to mention if they don't have other Xbox games that they're interested in...

    I am a little afraid that they might have made a deal with MS from which they cannot step back... No matter how big the uproar in the community.

    Yeah, I've thought about that too. :S And Gallagher's note seemed to imply, that the exclusiveness will be permanent, not timed/temporary (as in "RoTR" being published later to other platforms).

    Every now and then I check the official blog to see if people at Crystal Dynamics would have replied to comments or to the uproar they've caused. But so far I haven't seen anything... Have there been any futher comments on the matter by Crystal Dynamics? (or other company)

    Alright, hello all! :wave2 (there should be a sad waving smiley for this!)

    After a while filled with hurry and busyness, I found my way back here to the forums. And what do I first read from the news? Darrel Gallagher's note of the upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider being an Xbox exclusive. :thumbdown:

    I'm so disappointed right now and I'm trying my best not to type any inappropriate language here on the forums. :ouch::mad: But seriously?! A Tomb Raider being an Xbox exclusive seems like a big step away from the series... Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't all the major installments of the series been published to PC? I'm a PC raider myself, and having to settle with Tomb of the Osiris is not the same thing as playing another "continuing" piece of the series (I know it's a reboot, but you guys get my point)... But if this is a final decision from Crystal Dynamics, it's a goodbye to the Tomb Raider series from me - I won't get an Xbox just to continue playing upcoming Tomb Raiders. :S

    Link to a petition against the Xbox exclusiveness:…exclusively-on-xbox-one-2

    Another question, after 207 days! [hehe]

    And sorry for replying to my own post. :shy:

    I've updated the Gail Simone article on WikiRaider, because of the new comic book being published. But then I ran across to a problem: what name should be given to the new comic book article? "Tomb Raider #1" redirects to the article about the original TR game, as the title doesn't seem to care about the # -sign. Some sort of a sub-title seems to bee "Survivor's Guilt!", according to this - I'm not sure as I haven't read the comic.

    Maybe I'll leave this to be solved by more experienced WikiRaider users... :chin

    Welcome back, Sianbbz! :wave2

    And brilliant Christmas to you too! :D

    What it comes to news on the next TR game, one place to check is our WikiRaider's article on "Tomb Raider 10". I haven't been following gaming news for a while, so there might be something new in the world wide web that hasn't been written to our wiki. You could also check the Official Tomb Raider Blog - that's one site where there could be something... :chin

    Hi there! :-)

    As I got over my fear of Steam with TR9, I also got GoL - and finished it in about two days. :happyjump I have unlocked three outfits: Jungle, Legend and Heavy Jungle.

    But the question is: how and where can I change the default outfit to them? ?(

    Stupid question, I know... :oops I bet there's an obvious spot on some menu or something... :shy:[hehe]

    EDIT: Nevermind... There indeed was an obvious spot on the menu and I figured it out! :oops:rofl

    Hello! :wave2

    I've been adding images and editing quite a lot recently, and I ran to a small mystery while uploading images of the Oni enemies.

    Are these guys also Oni? They're encountered alongside of the big, more demon-like enemies, but these guys seem more human-like. I don't have an image of it, but I remember that after shooting that helmet off, there's a pretty non-demonic dude underneath all that. These guys look nothing like the Oni Stalkers or Oni Warriors. (see images on the Oni article on WikiRaider)

    [Blocked Image:…iderooney/onisperhaps.jpg]

    Any thoughts/facts?


    And sorry for replying to own post! :shy:

    News on a tenth instalment of the Tomb Raider Series have come into the daylight, everybody! There will be a comic series that will continue the rebooted storyline, written by comic writer Gail Simone - and this comic series will most likely lead to a direct sequel of the ninth Tomb Raider game! :D The comic series is due out on 26th of February 2014, quite a long wait but I bet it's worth it. In the meantime I'll be looking for all those tiny things I missed on TR9 on the first playthrough, finished it with 79%. :-)

    Source: Evan Narcisse: A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What's Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game (

    Not necessarily news on the ninth TR game, but I didn't know where else I'd post this. ;-)

    Thanks for that link, Soul! :D

    That video really helped. :thumbsup My first thought was "Holy flower*! I can't do that!" but I'll give it a try. Who knows, maybe I have hidden fighting potential inside me in the form of correctly timed button smashing. :shy:

    * could be anoher word, but for common courtesy I used the word flower ;-)

    EDIT: I did it! 8o I passed the area! :happyjump But I didn't do it as smoothly as in the video. :shy: Right after I shot the welders I somehow alarmed the others - I didn't even have time to shoot down the thingy from the roof. I thought "On no! I screwed up! Game over ahead!" But no! I did it, with tons of scrambling and shotgun-shooting. :D

    Thanks Soul for the quick reply! :-)

    You can't pass this section quietly, but there ARE a handful of scavangers you can take out with headshots.

    Well, isn't that just great. :dead And I thought this was going to be neat and sleek in stealth style! 8)

    This will obviously trigger some more bad guys, but if you are fast you can shoot some of them, while they come down the ropes.

    That's a big IF there. :rofl I'm so bad at this... :grins

    In the end you again have to fight one of the heavily armoured guys, but you can make him reveal vulnerable parts by dodging his attack.

    I hate all those guys with armours, shields and all - those who I can't just shoot. I've never mastered that whole dodging thing, so till this point I've just taken a hit from the enemy and then blasted him with a weapon. :oops:shhh

    I failed the very first QTE whit the scavenger grabbing Lara's leg and at that death scene my jaw just dropped to the floor. :shy: Right from the start I got this "Man, I so hate hose QTEs!" -feeling. :shout And I still do hate 'em! :aetsch

    Aaand I'm stuck! :shy:

    I'm stuck at the Cliffside Bunker location, in the area with welders at various spots and lots of scavengers who fight about what they are working for. No matter how much I try to be stealthy and all, somehow I manage the alert the hostile guys and in no time they've managed to beat me with their overpower and handy machine guns.

    Any tips on how to pass this area? Is there a special order where to quietly and quickly kill those guys? I've gotten to farthest by stealthly killing three welders without gasmasks/helmets, but then the guys with helmets are tough - and at this point they spot me as they see one of the welders dead. Or am I just so bad at combat that I do not pass this area with any gun?

    Here's a screenshot of the area, if it helps...

    [Blocked Image:]

    There are apparently four welders, one at the top left (visible), another at the top right at the equivalent spot. The third is at the far right corner on the floor level and the fourth, helmet-wearing one was at the back wall if I remember correctly. Then behind those things that Lara uses as cover, at the middle of the room, there's a bunch of helmet-wearing and non-wearing guys.

    Thanks for the reply, Flo! :D

    No wonder I kept failing... Before this I just randomly smashed buttons and I either succeeded or failed - mostly failed! [hehe]

    Hello! :wave2

    I'm not luckily (yet) stuck, but I'm having issues with those [insert a mean word here] Quick Time Events. Whenever I encounter those "smash E/F to defend/kick/kill etc." I fail and die like 3-5, or 10 times! :shy::cry

    I'm playing the PC version, at it does show me the insctructions (what button(s) to press) and this figure with a moving outer big circle and a not-moving smaller inner circle appears alongside with a "BWU-ZUUUUUM!" sound. What's the secret in succeeding on those QTE's? Do I have to wait for a perfect moment and how do I know when it is? Or is it just "trial and smash-trying error that leads to gruesome death"?

    Where are you at the moment? "6 or 7 hours" could mean anything but if you play the game like I did and try to find and do everything, the best moment are still waiting for you. (my Steam-Timer said 30 hours, when I finally reached the end, which is amazing for an adventure game :thumbsup

    I'm at Shantytown, I cleared the hidden tomb (something with Tears in the name) and I am about to continue along the level. Got the fire arrows and all. :-) Haven't encountered Grim yet... (I'm pretty sure he'll be here if I remember correctly, I've spoilered myself by watching all the cutscenes on Youtube a long time ago before I got this game ;-))

    Once you're done you just HAVE to join us in multiplayer btw. I played it again yesterday and even if it's just shooting it's great fun :D

    We'll see about that, I've got to find out how it works and all. Not to mention my unreliable network connection and horrible combat skills. :shy: Maneuvering at Steam and game menus is enough of a challenge at the moment. [hehe] But I don't doubt it being fun! :D

    I've also taken tons of screenshots to be added to WikiRaider... 8)

    EDIT: I was just wondering that if/when I complete the game, will I still be able to replay locations and look for all those tiny things I've missed? Like in TRU's Treasure Hunt mode. Or do I have to make sure I have everything by fast travelling before proceeding to the very end of the game's plot

    Hi, all! :wave2

    I can proudly announce that I've gotten over my fear of Steam (that almost rhymes! :-) ) and I've got the Tomb Raider now (hehee, like what, four months later? [hehe] ).

    After 6-7 hours of more or less intense playing I can safely say: "OMG! This game is so awesome!" 8o

    The graphics are very good and the animation is so smooth, and I frequently find myself trying to control Lara during cutscenes as the transition between cutscenes and in-game is so un-noticeable. [hehe] The TressFX hair causes severe lagging on my poor lappy, so I'don't use it. But that doesn't affect the enjoyable gameplay at all. ;-) Getting used to the controls took me a while, and all of the magical, tiny XP-rewarding pickups/GPS caches etc. are so hard to find with an untrained eye - but I've managed to complete a few challenges all by myself, which is a big accomplishment to a newbie like me. :D

    The amount of gore disturbs me a bit, especially as I've managed to become a victim of so many gruesome deaths right from the start. I don't get those QTE's or those "SMASH E OR YOU DIE!" -moments! ?( Do I get the timing wrong or how come I end up dead despite smashing E's and F's or sideways buttons?! :-o And don't get me started on those slow-motion "shoot those guys before they shoot you" -things... :S I've ended up as wolves' lunch so many times that the wolves at Yamatai must be getting fat by now! :rofl I'm so bad at combat in this game... :shy:

    I'm a bit confused about what my currect location is every now and then, but meh, I figure it out as I go along. [hehe] Also, I haven't got stuck yet, which is also a big accomplishment for me. I've only been slightly unsure of where I must go sometimes. And collecting salvage and XP is so much fun that I don't even want to proceed to all those mean-looking dark caves or enemy-filled areas. 8)