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    Welcome, BethRaider! :wave2 We haven't "met" before, but I'm glad that you've come back. :-) Nice to see the new Tomb Raider game sparking up some interest! :D

    Welcome, Harbinger666! :wave2

    Unfortunately at least I don't have a checklist to help you with your task, but I can inform you that there will be some new comics alongside this reboot. :-)

    The name of the comic series is called Tomb Raider: The Beginning, and you can read more about it on the Tomb Raider blog and see a preview of it on website.

    Tomb Raider: The Beginning is also featured on our very own WikiRaider as well as the other Tomb Raider comics.

    As apparently some lucky people now have gotten their hands on to the new Tomb Raider, I'd like to know what are their first impressions on the game. :-)

    I'm not getting the game anytime soon, but I'd like to know how do you people, who are playing it, feel about the game. What are the good (and bad, if there are any ;-) ) features in the gameplay/story etc.?

    Thought about making own thread for the initial impressions, but it might as well fall under the category of general discussion... :chin

    Hi, 3ukz! :wave2

    Your question might belong to the General Questions and comments thread, but I'll answer to you here! :-) (but other mods can freely move these posts if they see it necessary)

    The case with the TR3 Story article seems to be that it apparently was a protected page, and it had a devoted editor working on it. However, for a while this editor hasn't been active, and now the article is unprotected for anyone to finish it.

    As the TR3 Story article is so greatly done so far, it seems challenging to try to finish it - keeping the style and level of text the same. At least this is the case with me, as a rather active WikiRaider editor...

    But don't worry! Some day the article will be finished. As a matter of fact, the TR3 Story article might get at least some kind of ending in the near future. ;-)

    From the Tomb Raider tumblr page:

    OK, DRM is not the same as having to register with Steam to use multi player... But I thought you might want to know. ;-)

    What does that mean in practice? ?( I have to have a Steam account to authenticate the game? 8|

    Not as it'll be the end of the world, me getting a Steam account, but I really hate getting accounts to some services I almost never use... And I really don't get the DRM methods these days. But this is just me! :shy:

    AFAIK you only need steem for the online part of the game. You can play everything else without.

    Alright, I really hope that is the case with TR. :-)

    OK - I'm officially sick. Despite me having not too much money I already spent 150€ on the latest TR (and I still need the artbook) :-o

    Well, I wouldn't say sick, I'd say you've got the most obvious TR hype syndrome! [hehe]

    I've been looking at those awesome TR merchandise at the Tomb Raider Store, but they're rather expensive for my taste... But they do look good! :-)

    Despite the last reply being 52 days ago, and being a bit busy, I've gotten back on track on Tomb Raider! :wave2

    First of all, 16 days later on the last post where we discussed a bit on the demo, it was revealed that there won't be one for this TR! :thumbsdown:
    You can read about it for example here: Tomb Raider Won't Get a Demo or Season Pass (IGN's article, posted on 18th of January)

    My opinion: I feel sad! ;( I was expecting a demo for so much and I really don't get it how releasing one would have spoiled the story for the upcoming game... ?( The most important aspect of playing a demo, for me, would have been seeing the gameplay all by myself and seeing how my laptop would run the game in practice.

    Second thing I'll post about are the specs of the Tomb Raider! You can read the specs of it for example here (PC, "Tomb Raider’s system specs released – will your PC survive?")

    Apparently my Windows 7 laptop will be able to run the game relatively smoothly, but the only things that troubles me is Steam. I hope I don't have to get an account for it to play TR, as I have no intention to collect those achievements or play the multiplayer..

    Third and the last thing I'll blabber about is the third Guide to Survival video, "Survival Combat". It made me feel nauseous with all of its gore and blood splattering. :dead I doubt there'll be an option to turn the splatters off, since "realism" seems to be such an essential thing in the gameplay... :S

    Hmm... An interesting question to ponder about... :chin I'm a bit doubtful on CD making another TRA, or an updated version of it. What about making some special edition release of the very original game?

    I am certain that Square Enix and Crystal D already have something special planned, or at least they have some bright minds thinking about it.

    Yep, I think so too.

    Maybe in a year or so there will be first rumours or concepts about what it will be. ;-)

    I surely hope so, it'd be fun to hear at least something about it! :D

    Sounds good to me. :thumbsup Maybe now I could find the time to read TR comics, since I missed the previous ones... I wonder what will be the "drawing style" of the comics. :chin I hope the drawing would be sort of a traditional style, like Andy Park's style for example. :-)

    But there's something "wrong" in that "cover image" in displayed in the Tomb Raider Blog's article, but I can't figure out what. Maybe it seems to CGI? I don't know...

    In the end, the Single Player Mode decides it the game is any good

    I definitely agree with you on that! :thumbsup

    Everything I heard/read so far tells me the game will be great.

    I'm rather excited about the game too, I can't wait for a demo! :D Wait, there is going to be a demo, right?

    I haven't found any information whether there'll be one or not, but since there was a demo for TRU, I expect there'd be one for this one, too. The demo for TRU was released in 28th of October 2008, and the game came out on 21st November 2008, so I guess if there'll be a downloadable demo for TR9 it'd come out in... Mid-February? :chin

    Oh, and my plans for pre-ordering Survival Edition of TR9 have been shattered. :cry It's so expensive in the local webshops, a bit over 65€ + delivery fees. ;( So, I guess I'll either preorder the "normal" edition (or whatever the one eith the least of exclusive thingies is called) or wait for the game to hit the shops (and first drafts of walkthroughs being done ;-) ). Not to mention the possiblity for waiting until I'll get it with some discount in some game shop, like after two years after the release... ;(

    Oh, I ment creating a whole article about Pierre as an enemy. :shy: Like now there are articles Larson (as an enemy) and Larson Conway (as a character), and for example Takamoto (as an enemy) and Shogo Takamoto (as a character).

    Me and tombraidergirl discussed about doing so a few posts earlier:

    So, I was thinking about turning the Pierre page from a disambig article to an enemy article with a remark. ;-)

    (Sorry for replying to own post!)

    As I created an enemy article for Larson Conway (under the name Larson), I figured out a solution for the problem on what would Pierre's enemy article's name be! 8o

    How about creating it to the article Pierre, and adding a remark leading to Pierre (AoD) and Pierre DuPont as a character? Something along these lines:


    Remark: This article describes Natla's henchman Pierre as an enemy in the original Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Anniversary. For information about him as a character, see Pierre DuPont, and for information about the owner of the Café Metro in The Angel of Darkness, see Pierre (AoD).

    What do you think?

    Ah, well, yes, but Windows 7 is only partly to blame. If all programmers had used the User- or "My Documents"-folder - that has existed in one form or another since Windows 95 - for save games, this problem would never have existed in the first place.

    At least the mystery is now solved! :thumbsup

    Apparently the save files from other classics go to that VirtualStore folder too, to the Core Design one to be exact. The only exception (on my computer) is the original Tomb Raider (I'm running it with the Dosbox emulator): its saves go to C:\tombraider.

    And not to mention Tomb Raider Legend (save files in C:\Users\"myusername"\Files\Tomb Raider - Legend), Tomb Raider Anniversary (save files in C:\Users\"myusername"\Files\Eidos\Tomb Raider - Anniversary\ Default Profile) and Tomb Raider Underworld (save files in C:\Users\"myusername"\Files\Eidos\Tomb Raider Underworld).

    I think this info would come in handy since I bet I'm not the only one, who has had this "problem". :-)

    Well, at first I was like "Oh no! It really is true!" :shock: But then I was okay and I hope it turns out the way Soul described earlier. I'm pretty sure I won't play the game with the multiplayer mode at all, though. :yepp

    Have to wait till January 8th for the magazine to hit the stores, and read more then. The cover looked a bit "suspicious" since it had Lara and Roth as main figures in it. So, I'm guessing for a Totec & Lara -kind of "one helps another to reach places etc." multiplayer. The news also mentioned how the magazine will tell more about the modes and characters available, so another guess is for the multiplayer in TR to be similar to Uncharted multiplayer (?). :chin

    It has been pretty much confirmed - yes. You most likely won't find any valid source though, as Crystal got them deleted, once they were found by some fans.

    It's a bit silly how almost every time some fans figure out something, all the edivence gets deleted... :chin Come on, Crystal Dynamics - the cat is out of the bag, just admit it! [hehe]

    I'm also not too keen on it, but as long as the single player game doesn't suffer from it (becomes shorter or has parts that are only accessible, once they got unlocked in MP-mode) I'm OK with it. :)

    I really hope that'd be the case with the multiplayer, just have to wait and see... :weird

    March 5th 2013 can't come soon enough! :-) I'm really excited! :happyjump Hehee, these days remind of the time when I was eagerly waiting for TRU. :shy:

    I think it's really nice! What do you think?

    That looks amazing! :D I like all of the Tomb Raider concept art, they really have a nice, mysterious atmosphere. :thumbsup

    I've watched all of the recently released videos about TR, but still I've got to say my worries are pretty much the same as they were in August: :S

    But speaking of fast-paced action, some of the fighting scenes seem a bit too brutal for my taste. I've never been so interested about how realistic and accurate things are in video games, I only play games for fun and entertainment. The amount of gore and blood is a bit worrying. :S I hope there'd be an option in a menu to turn bloodsplatters off...

    Some of the climbing axe wielding was a bit too much for my taste... :dead

    Happier thoughts are that I might pre-order the Survival Edition of Tomb Raider, since I really don't care that much about the figurine that'd come with the Collector's Edition. This would be the very first time I'd pre-order anything, so I have think about it a while before I place my order. But the DLC that'd come with the preorder - a Weapon Pack, would defnitely be a must-have for a silly raider like me! :shy:[hehe]

    Has there been any official word about a multiplayer feature, by the way? As I was googling around in the World Wide Web I stubmled across a possibility that the TR9 would have one... :chin I hope not, though, I don't think multiplayer suits TR that much. :S

    Found it! Thank you, Wile E. :-):hug

    The path name to it was C:\Users\"myusername"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD :-)

    Apparently there's a Core Design folder too! Will keep an eye on that... :weird Oh, Windows 7, how I love thee... :grins