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    Thanks for all the work you did for the community.

    No problem, it's fun to edit WikiRaider. :D Thank you for starting the whole WikiRaider project! :-):hug

    Explosives should be a disambiguation page, pointing to everything that it could represent.
    There are other articles that are similar.
    For example
    or WATER:

    Alright, will create a disambiguation page for explosives when I find the time. :-)

    Hello there!

    I've installed TRAOD to my new Windows 7 (64 bit) laptop and things are running great, except I can't find the SaveGame folder. This means that I can't use (or haven't found the way to use...) downloaded savegames - and there's no way I'll be able to finish any of the Kurtis levels. :(

    The game does create savegame files to somewhere (and I can load them normally), but I have no idea where. And when I try to search for the TRAODSG files, I only get the ones I've downloaded - not the ones created by the game. And when searching for the folder name "SaveGame", I find nothing. I haven't done anything special when installing it, and I've patched the game with both patches (42 and 52).

    The path name of the game folder (TRAOD) is C:\Program Files (x86)\Eidos Interactive, and it contains the following folders:

    • backup
    • bin
    • Data

    and files:

    • COREDESIGN (internet-link)
    • EIDOS (also a link)
    • Launcher (.exe file)
    • Readme (.rtf file)
    • ReadMePatch (.rtf file)

    if this helps at all, probably not.

    I've also tried to look whether the savegames of the game have ended up to some personal user data files, AppData or folders of that sort. I've displyed all of the hidden files too, but so far no good. ;(

    Sorry to bother so close to Christmas. :oops But anyhoo, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :presentf:presentm:tree

    Hi there! :wave2

    Been editing WikiRaider a lot. [hehe] Just thought to tell that I've added a few articles to the "Articles for relocation" page (and there are two at the "Articles for deletion" page). I finally got the original Tomb Raider (and the other oldies as well!) to run smoothly on Windows 7, so I'll be taking lots and lots of screenshots in the near future. I'll try to start taking a screenshot of every pickup. :-) And check their names, of course. ;-)

    Any suggestions to which game to start with? I have a a lot of TRAOD pickup-screens, but not all - maybe I should finish it before starting another... :chin

    EDIT: Oh, I do have a question, too! :D I've been thinking of creating an article for "Explosives", but I run into a problem. You see, the term "Explosives" can mean many things, for example:

    • All the explosive items in general, there is e.g. the pickup "Dynamite" in the Osiris Codex, explosive ammunition (grenades, arrows...), rolling explosive barrels...
    • The explosive traps: the ones set on Von Croy's Apartment for example
    • The exact pickup in AoD named Explosives (used in Louvre Storm Drains)

    So, I was wondering what to do. :chin Any ideas? I know there's many other things to do - and this article can wait, but this is one of the many things that came into my mind while editing. :-)

    Of course I don't mind. I thought you weren't through yet.

    I was sort of an infobox tornado. [hehe]

    To sum it up:
    Characters: Full Name
    Enemies: Short name, as used in walkthroughs

    Alright, I'll probably start creating those articles as soon as I have time, and I'll keep adding infoboxes to enemies, locations and all when I come up to an article that's missing one. And I'll also try to format the pages according to the sample ones. :-)

    And just a bit offtopic: Those TR comics look so cool! 8o Why on Earth wasn't I such a big tomb raider that I would have bought them when they were sold at local markets?! :ouch: Oh right, I was in elementary school, and probably too young to read 'em. :shy: I wonder if they were in sold in English... :chin Would have been really weird if they were in Finnish! 8|

    I think separating opponents from characters makes sense; Takamoto is another one (not sure if there are already two pages).

    Takamoto seems to redirect to the Shogo Takamoto article at the moment. And yeah, it's another one to be separated.

    What do you think the title of the opponent article shoud be? Should it be just a surname, like Pieter van Eckhardt's opponent page is called just Eckhardt and Kristina Boaz's page is Boaz?
    Unless of course there's a special form of the character , like Mark Willard is Willard Mutant and Amanda Evert is Amanda Entity...

    I think I've already changed the character info box to be okay without image (to not show anything if left open).

    The infobox seems to show "[[Image: |250px]]" if the image is left open.

    BTW, you can skip all Comic characters, I am working on them, but I'm moving slow as I also write the storylines of each comic down, and scan all images that are relevant.

    I already did add infoboxes to the Comic Characters (the ones that appear on the Category:Characters page). I hope you don't mind! :-) I just mainly added a link to the German article (if I found it) and typed the name and the image to the infobox.

    (Sorry for replying to own post!)

    As I've been adding infoboxes to the Character pages and trying to format some of the articles according to the Sample Characters page, I was thinking whether it'd be a good idea to create a separate opponent article on at least the following:

    • Pierre DuPont
    • Larson Conway
    • Jaqueline Natla
    • Joachim Karel
    • Sophia Leigh
    • Tony
    • And maybe the other of Natla's goons, in TRA at least since there are unlockable bios available as material to the character page

    Just a thought, since there's an "As Opponent" section in the sample page, and there are separate articles on at least Pieter Van Eckhardt (named Eckhardt), Kristina Boaz (named Boaz), Amanda Evert (named Amanda Entity) and Mark Willard (named Willard Mutant)

    And also, I've been thinking of creating images to be used on infoboxes on characters that have no image (only mentioned in comics/games..., appear in the novels etc.), a male and a female figures. Maybe it'd be nice to create that sort of images to be used on locations, enemies, creatures, items etc. :chin

    What do these ideas sound like? :-)

    No problem. If you have a good reason to keep it the way it is, feel free to voice your opinion.

    Nah, since there isn't actually anything else named by just simply "Vilcabamba", it seems smarter than the name of the article is just Vilcabamba, so moving is okay. :thumbsup Even the levels are "City of Vilcabamba" and "Peru - City of Vilcabamba", so just mentioning the Vilcabamba article in their remarks might be enough of directions if one searches for example "City of Vilcabamba" when wanting info on the real life location and not on the level.

    I don't want to seem bossy, it's just, there is a reason for many things I do. ;-)

    You don't seem bossy, it's good to have guidelines and certain ways how things would at least be nice to be done. :-) And I'm just a plain derp! [hehe]

    The problem I see with moving Vilcabamba to Vilcabamba (location) is: What will people type in the field, when looking for Vilcabamba? They will probably just type the name. What is the reason for adding "(location)". With other articles where "(location)" has been used it was necessary, because the name without location had to be used for something else. I think if we add location to vilcabamba, we have to do it with everything, all the continents, all the countries, all the regions/towns/cities...

    Oh, sorry for the inconvenience. :oops You really have a point there, feel free to move the Vilcabamba (location) to Vilcabamba!

    ... that I'll create an article for "Siberia" since it has been previously deleted?

    I also created an article "Vilcabamba (location)" and redirected "Vilcabamba" to "Vilcabamba (location)", which has a suitable remark on how to find the levels.

    The way I see it this is only used to adapt Lara's abilities to the player's needs.

    When put in that way, the XP starts to sound like a good thing. :-)

    Like if you have trouble hitting the targets and waist a lot of ammo, you pick arrow retrieval, if you have more trouble approaching prey unnoticed use hunter, and if you are skilled but want to upgrade fast pick survivalist. That's the way I understand it. (I did not get around to experiment with it a lot, so I am not sure about the long-term gain of any of those options.)

    Interesting... :chin It's good that there are options on what upgrades to choose. I wonder if it's mandatory to upgrade Lara at least a bit? :chin Meaning, that towards the end enemies etc. get more and more trickier, so that it's really hard to pass them without any upgrading.

    Articles I have written about the Tomb Raider Reboot can now also be found on tumblr:

    Those a great articles, tombraidergirl! :thumbsup Lot's of things that I didn't know about the upcoming game, especially about the Game Mechanics! 8o

    Unless they have changed their mind since the last time we had the opportunity to ask, there will not be dialogue options and there will be no other playable character than Lara Croft.
    The promised interaction will be part of the storyline and part of Lara's character development.
    In the full 2012 E3 demo there is a scene where Lara kind of interacts with Doctor Whitman. It starts off in the video where he tells Lara, he'll scout ahead while she is resting at the fire place (aka one of the "Base Camps") and then carries over to the actual game play where Lara then has to catch up with him at a closed gate. There are two wheels which open this gate and while Whitman is manning one of the wheels, Lara figures out that she cannot turn the wheel on her side as the handle is missing and her tool (again the axe) is not strong enough to serve as a replacement handle. They spilt up again while Lara looks for parts to improve the axe and then meet up again once they are ready to open the gate together... In this part all the interaction is scripted and the outcome is always the same. They also said there were not gonna be multiple endings, the main storyline is linear. What you do in-between and how many side missions you do is up to you.

    Allright, that side mission thing sounds good. Adds many hours to the gameplay, and possibly replay value. :-)

    After reading that article about the Game Mechanics, there's one thing that bugs me a bit: earning XP. In a way it was in AoD, in the form of the strenght upgrades. Occasionally it was really annoying if you came across e.g. a pit, but Lara wasn't strong enough to jump over it and had no idea where to get the upgrade. But it won't be the case this time, since it's apparently purely earning the XP by e.g. hunting.

    Sort of the whole XP things starts to sound a bit too RPG'ish for my taste... :chin But it won't make me any less excited about the game! ;-)

    Ah, I'd like a new PC, too. Mine is getting old again... Well, no money for that at the moment! :-/

    My dad has his eyes set on a relatively cheap PC, and he'll just add some parts to it and voilá - a gaming comp! But it's 50/50 whether he'll actually buy it, he's just planning to atm. ;-)

    As for your problem, it might just be some kind of AoD glitch, that game is so buggy... Have you tried it without the patches? I think one of these changed the way the game made quick saves, so maybe there's the problems...

    I hadn't heard that before, thanks! :D I'll try that right away - let's see what happens... :chin

    EDIT: It works! :happyjump Thank you, Wile E.! :hug Now, off I go to take some screenshots... :-)

    Right click on folder, properties and then I'd have to find a PC with XP, because I forgot... :D

    Alright, I'll right click the folder, properties and see whether there's something that says "Writeable" or something of that sorts. :D

    That's strange... Don't know what else you could do...

    Me neither. ?( But I might get a whole new computer (not because of AoD doesn't save the game! ;-) ) in the near future, so maybe that'd solve the problem. At least it might be worth trying, since my current computer is rather old and it has had numerous of problems in the course of these many years.

    In Windows XP you should not have that particular problem since you are probably already an Administrator. ;-)

    Alright! [hehe]

    I don't trust those kind of programmes that claim to do all the updates for you. I always download the patches from the servers and install them manually. This way I'm sure what version I play.

    I've got both the "multipatcher" and the patches individually. Don't know wthat was my logic when I downloaded them, but hey, I'm me! :D

    I don't know what the problem might be, but you should check if the folder "C:\Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\SaveGame" (or whatever it is called on your computer/language-settings) exists and is writeable. You might want to try and download a savegame and put it in that folder and try to load that. Don't know, maybe then saving might start work, too... ?(

    Let's see... Folder exists? Yep. :yepp Is writeable? Hmm... How do you know whether it's writeable or not? :shy:

    Now I've done the following: re-installed the game (full installation, of course, like I've done in the past), patched it with the two individual patches (v42 and v52, there are just two patches, right?) and downloaded one savegame from the link above, but when I go to the Load Game menu, there's nothing again. And saving the game still doesn't work. ;(

    I think it might be a good time to give up and let someone else take screens of AoD for the Wiki, since there doesn't seem to be a solution. :S

    I'm playing on Windows XP, and I ran the Tomb Raider Update thingy that updates all the TRs from TRI to TRAOD. How do I start it as an Adminstrator? :shy:


    I know it's been rather quiet in regards of AoD, but I started playing it again in order to get screenshots for WikiRaider. The problem is that I can't save the game. When I try to do so, it says that the game was saved, but when I try to load the game - there's nothing! 8|

    I've recently re-installed the game to my computer, patched it with the patches 42 and 52, and tried to use patched savegames. But the savegames don't appear to the Load Game menu either.

    Any ideas what to do?

    I hope that at GamesCom we might be able to play a bit of the demo to find out. In some interview it was said that it can be used as a weapon, though. (Maybe it was Karl Stewart, but I don't remember.)

    I'll keep my fingers crossed (or "thumbs up" as we say here up North ;-) ) for the GamesCom! :thumbsup Do you think they'll show new things or will they concentrate on already released material?

    Also, there's apparently going to be quite a lot of interaction between characters (I remeber hearing Karl Stewart saying something of that sort on one E3 video), I'm pretty interested on how they'll do it. In that sense, AoD was a good experiment with it: it did matter which option you chose in the dialogue parts (e.g. with Margot Carvier when Lara had to get Werner's diary and with Louis Bouchard). I wonder if the interaction between characters is like the following:

    go to person X, press action
    Person X: Oh, hey Lara!
    and that was it.

    Or would there be lines to choose from, a meaningful dialogue that sort of affects the course of the game? It'd be cool, but also probably quite difficult to make (or what do I know about making games :shy: )... :think:

    The general direction of the game is very similar to Uncharted, but from what was shown so far Tomb Raider will focus more on additional exploration than on shooting with guns. In Uncharted all you have to so on the side is find the treasures and the one strange relic. In Tomb Raider there are going to be treasures, finds like letters that tell little stories (of missing family for example), finding all skulls one can shoot and so on.

    All in all it's like they have taken bits of the classic Tomb Raiders (shooting the skulls reminds me of shooting the bones found in TR4; the axe is like having the crowbar back...) and of Uncharted (hand-to-hand combat, manual aiming, the movie-feeling, climbing on plane/train wrecks...) mixed with a few new ideas.

    Sounds good to me. :D Pretty much the only similarity I've noticed between Tomb Raider and Uncharted has been the combat, and I don't mind it at all.

    Am I wrong if I remeber hearing/reading somewhere that the axe could serve as a multiway tool: as a weapon, for climbing and prying off objects etc.?

    Hello there! :wave2

    Since lots of material have been released about the upcoming Tomb Raider game and I'm sure many people have thoughts and opinions about the game, I decided to open this thread for general discussion. Keep in mind that there's already an Official Screenshot Discussion thread, so if one wishes to discuss about screenshots one shall do it there. ;-)

    Gameplay videos from E3 2012 and trailers (Turining Poin and Crossroads) can be watched for example via Youtube, and screenshots and concept art images can be viewed for example at the Official Gallery here (Screenshots) and here (Concept art)

    Hopefully this sparks up some discussion. :-) Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions!

    Now, as the general guidelines and links have been listed above, here are some of my thoughts about TR9:
    I'm quite happy about how the gameplay video that showed deer hunting confirmed that in addition to escaping scavengers and fast-paced action there are also rather calm sequences and less scary environments. I remember being worried about the game turning out to be too scary, but since the videos show a bit of sunshine instead of constant darkness in caves, I have a feeling that I don't necessarily be all :shock: while playing. [hehe]

    But speaking of fast-paced action, some of the fighting scenes seem a bit too brutal for my taste. I've never been so interested about how realistic and accurate things are in video games, I only play games for fun and entertainment. The amount of gore and blood is a bit worrying. :S I hope there'd be an option in a menu to turn bloodsplatters off...

    Lots of spam pages have been created by spambots with the following name: Roswald84 and Kalani99, both spambots have been spamming since the 26th of February 2012.

    I've blanked many of the pages this evening, but I haven't added them to "Articles for Deletion" page. I was browsing around the MediaWiki page, and read about CAPTCHA. So, I was thinking whether it could be used against spambots... :think: