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    When I first saw it I was on my computer in the middle of the living room and I couldn't stop cheering. My parents got really annoyed with m, but I didn't care the trailer was so cool! :happyjump

    My Collection is:
    Tomb Raider -Trilogy Boxset - shiney
    Tomb Raider -TLR -Boxset
    Tomb Raider -C - PC
    Tomb Raider -AoD -PC
    Tomb Raider -Legend -DS
    Tomb Raider -Legend - PC
    Tomb Raider -Legend - XBOX
    Tomb Raider -Anniversary - Collectors edition
    Tomb Raider - Graphic Novel - The merlin Stone
    Tomb Raider - Graphic Novel - Pieces of Zero
    Tomb Raider - Graphic Novel - Lost Horizons
    Tomb Raider - Graphic Novel - Saga of the Medusa Mask
    Tomb Raider - Graphic Novel - Mystic artefacts
    Tomb Raider - Graphic Novel - Chasing Shangri La
    Tomb Raider - Tankoban 3
    Tomb Raider - Tankoban 4
    Tomb Raider - Tankoban 5
    Tomb Raider - Novel - The Amulet of Power
    Tomb Raider - Novel - Man of Bronze
    Tomb Raider - Novel - The lost Cult
    Tomb Raider - Legend Figure

    True Grape. Some of the costume does seem fake

    Personally I like Karima more because she seemed to enjoy being Lara more, she smiled in most of her photos.
    It would be nice to see Alison Carroll smile a bit more, I know that Underworld is darker but...

    I think that Eidos made a good choice, Underworld does look like it has lots of gymnastics and changing the model was a good idea...but I still miss Karima.

    Half Life 2 is one of my favourite games, I like the fact you can pick things up from the ground and through it at people and they react.
    The guards are really fun to annoy, one time I threw a bottle at a guard and he wouldn't stop chasing me :axe
    At the moment I am part way through it.

    Have any one else played the game?

    My brother got me this game for my birthday, some parts of it is very difficult but they are fun.
    They have a variety of different boss battles that you can complete by noticing their weaknesses.
    Some parts of the game is very dark, you realise that a few levels in.
    I did love the photography parts because I want to be a photographer when I get a job.
    It is worth playing.

    I couldn't be a Tomb Raider because

    - I am afraid of hights
    - I can't do handstands or cartwheels, which you need to be able to do in Underworld.
    - I am scared of spiders
    - Always need a TV closeby
    - I can't swim

    The things that I and Lara has in common is an interest in ruins and archaeology. I am also quite flexible so I can do swan dives and I can climb up and swing from ropes, but I can't surport my weight with my arms.

    Actually I was planning my DT project at school, where you have to do a movie, edit it, do credits. I was doing a TR film and I had to do a list of acrobatics I needed to learn, it was so long it is so :slapforehead

    I know
    Russian - the little piece that I learnt from from Kasakstan in Legend.

    I am also learning sign language, I got interested in it after watching a few episodes of Sue Thomas FB Eye.
    I know how to say the alphabet, colours, animals, weather, numbers, questions.

    I have a cat, it doesn't seem to be interested in cuddles or strokes anymore, I miss when it was a kitten. I really love it still, but sometimes it is off in it's own little world.

    I'm really sorry The Poet. :hug

    I love NCIS. It is my no. 1 thing that always makes me happy.

    I agree Dalek126! Gibbs is my favourite charater too! He has the best lines!

    Abbey is really cool I love her music and her outfits. CAF POW! :happyjump

    The footage is really beautiful, I can't wait for the game. :happyjump

    I love the acrobatics and now understand why Alison Carroll was picked for the job

    I agree with Catracoth,Lara moves a little too fluidly now. I think that Croft realises after 12 years there is a camera behind her, so she is trying to be more dramatic.

    Is it 12 years...I think so, am I wrong?

    I prefer Tomb Raider Legend to Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness.
    The beginning of Angel of Darkness where Lara is running away I would of really liked to have played. I know that they wanted you to learn the controls but you could of learned them in the apartment, and then you can do the chase scene. I found it annoying when the game pauses you when you were in the middle of moving to give you a demonstration on where to go next. When I was playing it the first time I went near the dog and the game told me to go next, however the dog was biting me and my health went down to very low.
    In the beginning of Legend it wasn't the quick action chase like we saw in AoD, but it gave you time to learn the controls in the surrounding area.

    The end of AoD was very confusing. I heard on a site that the game was 1/3 and there was going to be a trilogy, I don't know if this is true or not. The end seemed to be very...I don't know the word, the boss battle was one of the easiest ones in the game, and the cinematic seemed unfinished

    However I loved Legend's ending, it seemed to get me more interested in Tomb Raider. I was completely :shock: , and I froze for a few more minutes before realising I wouldn't get the next part for several years. I can't wait for Underworld!

    Hi everyone,
    I am new here!

    A bit about me:
    I am learning how to do sign language. I am also a student in London.
    Recently I took an interest in American TV shows like "The Colbert Report" and "NCIS"

    :legend: :aodshorts :ireland