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    Oh eh with the second one (when he finally gathered some bullets)

    I got the bug that the fly flew in the wall.... He just started shooting in the wall where she dissapeared and then suddenly the finishing movie started.

    Sometimess non players are great at places you get stuck :)

    Really for all of you who have defeated him, and for all of you who are about to go to...

    I really HATE this kind of levels, this is NOT why I play tombraider (I would play spyfon filter if i would like it) So I didn´t even try a lot and was about to use a cheat to skip the whole level...

    Now I´m also not that great with quick sequences of the buttons so I asked my boyfriend who really hate these kind of games to try the cheat.

    While trying he started playing a little and I couldn´t even read one forum page or........... HE DEFEATED HER!!!!!!!!!!

    And he didn´t know about tricks or tips... didn´t even know how to draw his wapen :) so didn´t use the square button at all.

    All he did was shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot. Ignoring the green stuff, really just Ignored it, standing close to that beast... Only went running when he was out of bullets, grabbed bullets and start firing again.

    To bad I don´t have any health items, I lost half my health, so I do know only have half my health.... and have to start with NO BULLETS at all with the flying one.

    I have on comment further... can´t there be a diffrent topic about the flying boaz in boaz returns, because it´s really hard to filter out all those tips and tricks in an 8 page long topic about the first one :)

    thx a lot!!!! I did it!!!! :) (I did used the V-packer :) )

    After your post I desided to just take a jump at the blue light everytime the ghost was not moving (so also when turning arround etc) and if that failed I loaded my previous game... saved it after that point and than start the whole process over but now at the next time the ghost was staying at one point.

    It took me 3 savings to get to the point he was stunned, and I did get the painting, only I forgot to save quickly and the ghost killed me within 2 seconds after that.

    When I got the painting for the second time I Immediatly crouched, than saved and then went on further with the game.

    I know already a lot of people asked a question about this, I read the walkthrough I read this topics, so I already got a bunch of hints en tips on how come past the ghost in this level So.....

    I´m in crawling position, sitting in the corner, if I stand up I only have to do 1 left sideflip to stand for the statue holding the blue light. So far so good....

    I even got the ghost passing over me in a straight line so if lara automaticly points her gun I will be in the right position (took me some saving to get at this point)

    BUT WHAT NOW??!! I´m shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting, it seems not te be mooving I do my flip and the light is gone!!!

    I also already tried the hint of walking backwards while shooting, and even the hand apeared but as soon as I put my gun away the light was gone also :(

    So please anybody other hints???
    -can somebody please tell me how I recognize the ghost is stunned???
    -Is it possible to recognize it just before he´s stunned???
    -And how long is a very short time??? one second, two seconds time you have to take the blue light???
    -How many times you have to hit him before he get stunned?

    Please please please help me, I have the PS version so save games wont work for me :)

    also a under the spinx problem.

    I did the first configuration (to open the door to the colored holes)
    I did the second configuration just as you said in the walkthrough... I did the hole thing (I pulled the lever and got that thing I need to get there) I went back... I wanted to push the buttons again, but can't push the buttons at all!!!!

    also the door to the room where I can reset is NOT opened.

    I went to a previous game and skipped through all parts with the cheatcode till i was at the same place again. I did exactly what i did before, only this time I did one wrong combination on purpos before I opened the first room.. did exactly what i did before, and now I CAN bush the buttons.

    maybe you need to do one wrong one to make the resetfunction work at all????

    Prety quick you need to burn the rope there with a torch... found the torch, found a rope...

    the walkthrough says to "jump up" to it to set the rope on fire. I can't figure out on wich site i need to be (or doesn't it really matter) (is it the side with the pilar, or the the other side?) and I jumped, and jumped and jumped, but the rope won't burn..... I don't seem to get high enough of maybe something else??? please can anybody help me??