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    I've just started writing a new fanfiction, called Travel to Infinity, and I thought, if you're curious, I share it with you.

    According to the story:

    What would you do, if after a heated argument your companion decided to leave you? What
    would you do, if someone broke into your house and took one of your most important artifact? What would you do, if you had the chance to get in back, but you wake up in a stranger’s house, of who you know nothing, but who seems to know a lot about you?
    Lara Croft has to face these questions, after she discovers the letter of the mysterious
    fraternity, the Lux Custodi when being robbed. Along with the handsome Chandler Wakefield, she hotfoots after the biggest secret of mankind, not suspecting, how everything will soon turn into a nightmare…

    And here’s a little part of it to read :)

    “Let’s try again.” Lara sipped into the water, threw away the empty plastic bottle and approached the wall bars in the corner of her gym. She rapidly climbed up, turned around, reached out her hand to grab the next bar hanging from the ceiling and with a quick and energetic movement she sprang away. She nearly missed the metal object, but in the very last moment she managed to grip it. It’d be awful, if I died this way, the thought crossed her mind, as she pulled herself up. She scaled higher and looked down the gym under her, then sighed as she set her head back.
    “Now let’s grab the next one.” This time Lara wasn’t quick enough, and didn’t manage to grasp the bar: she lost her balance halfway and tumbled to the ground. She was lying out of breath for two minutes, before she got up. She dusted her training clothes, rubbed her side, lifted an empty bottle of water and a towel and walked out of the gym. Usually she was full of energy and exhilaration after exercising, but now she felt a bit numbed, and she promised, she wouldn’t miss out training anymore. Next time I’ll break my neck, if I carry on like that, she thought, as she entered the main building.
    As it was nearly midnight, in the darkness the castle’s long corridors looked like a real labyrinth, though the woman didn’t want to turn on the light: she knew her house well enough not to get lost or bump into objects. She decided to take a quick shower before she went to bed: the bounteous fragrance of lavender always helped her to calm her nerves, and she didn’t even feel sleepy either. She walked into her new bedroom: she moved in another one after Zip’s leaving, which was a little smaller, but more comfortable and had an en-suite bathroom attached to it. She walked to her bed and got undressed: she took off her T-shirt and trousers. She smiled as she looked into the mirror in her underwear: she still found herself a beautiful, attractive woman, however she mainly used her appearance to deceive men, who thought, she was just another one of those aristocrat, stupid ladies.
    She threw her bra and pants on the bed and started to walk towards the bathroom, hoping, no one will enter this moment – she didn’t really prefer being seen naked. She carefully closed the door behind her then stepped into the shower stall and opened the tap.
    Lara really enjoyed, as the cold water caressed her body. Water was the only thing that helped her to relax and collect her thoughts at the same time, so if she needed to be on her own for a while, she locked herself up in the bathroom – the only place, where nobody could have gone after her. She didn’t use to spend many time here, but sometimes, when she was angry or annoyed, she just sunk into the foam and the bubbles and tried to shut the world down around her.
    She put the soap back to its stand, and was reaching for the shower head, when an unexpected noise assailed her ears. She pulled the door away just to make sure, she was not a hypochondriac, but soon the scream of the signal alarm bell started to grow louder and louder, until it echoed in the whole castle.
    “What the heck is happening out there?” muttered Lara irritably in herself, as she closed the tap and stepped out of the shower stall. Her sole was wet, so she nearly fell off, but she managed to regain her balance by clinging to the washbasin. This night starts bloody wonderfully, she thought. She didn’t start to look for proper clothes she only grabbed a white bath-sheet and quickly covered her body with it.
    Water was dribbling from her hair and body, as she rushed to the corridors to locate the source of the noise, which became nearly unbearable now – Lara was sure, Winston was also waken up by it. She knew, her bell was a really delicate piece of machinery, yet it had never gone off without any reason. She commenced to be truly curious, what had triggered the alarm.
    As she discovered, the noise came from the library, she stopped near it. Why would anyone invade my library?, she inquired, whilst leaning to the door to eavesdrop, but she couldn’t hear anything from inside, so she kicked in the door and peeped in inquisitively.
    As she sensed no motion, she entered. The noise in the library nearly deafened her: she rapidly ran to the corner of the room to find the switch to turn off the alarm. When she found the button, she pulled it… and finally the scream faded. Lara heaved a sigh of relief, as she looked around: she didn’t even bother turning on the light, as she could see everything perfectly in the semidarkness. In the erotic semidarkness, as Zip always said…
    “What the hell took place here?” she cried out shocked, as she looked around.
    The whole library was in ruins. Some of the shelves were tumbled; the floor was covered by books and their torn, crumpled pages. At the back of the room, the desk was turned upside-down, the articles, Lara had put on it were laying manhandled on the floor. Lara was completely floored while standing in the middle of this mess, until she noticed, the air was unusually cold in the library: the cool wind blew in and she started to thrill. I might have got dressed, the thought crossed her mind, as she approached the only window in the room… but she soon realized the main problem wasn’t her light outfit.
    If you’re curious what happened and what will happen, you can find the continuation of the chapter here :) :)

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    Hi! This is my first fanfiction in English and I decided, I would like to share it. My mother tongue is not English so I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes in advance.

    According to the plot, after the search of the Excalibur, Lara relaxes at her home, when a mysterious man visits her and invites her to the exhibition of the famous relics, the Golden Cat, however, soon strange things turn out and Lara finds herself in prison... If you speak the language, you can read the story in English: - English version (First Chapter) Hungarian version (Three Chapters)