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    Oh least she could've read our nice postings :-D :sad:

    But you know i did.......... 8)

    I have created this topic to say goodbye. im wont come on here anymore. i have hads a lot of virus and spam latly and the warning that is on the homepage has put me off. im sure its not your fault TRG. sorry. i still love TR!
    bye :sad:

    i know and its hurting ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.............

    hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.......................... :-D

    hey alina, long time no talk!
    I hope this is the right place of where you are.anyway to help you with this jump i have the official solution book in front of me and this is exactly what it says:
    before trying nay jumps remember to not at all jump to the other side of the bridge stay on the side where you came on.
    the meathod involves vaulting over the balcony dropping past the ledge and gargoyle and landing on the rock platform below. youll half of your health bar.
    try a running jump a couple of meters behind the balcony so you sail over it and land on the gargoyle. beware the chances of over jumping and slipping off the gargoyle are very high.
    the simplest meathod is to get as close as possible to the doorway and vault over the balcony so you are falling next to the wall and then (hopefully) You will land on a lip of the ledge. dangle off the lip and drop down to the rock platform below.
    i nhave tried all of them and i have to say none of them are easy. i would advise you to save your game before you do any jumps.
    Good luck! :sun:

    slight prob-i only know rude jokes :-( funny :-D but too rude :mad: (i can say them if tombraidergirl lets me ;) )
    keep them coming though! :-D

    good site........good people
    :-D:)8)8-):sun::P :wink: ;) :D:lol: :kiss: :winki: **-) ***-) :wave::thumbsup: [:o)] :cake:
    (well except for a couple of missunderstandings-anyone who dosn't know what i'm on about-DON'T ASK!!!)

    look i think this is getting out of hand-about a stupid topic that is out of place :roll: . It is pathetic :stupid: . We should end this right now. TRG lock this topic. I'll tell my friend to keep her mouth shut in future if she's pissed off. so please i'll say this for everyone-sorry! and this will count for my friend aswell.


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    I tried Sherry's method and it worked brilliantly!!!

    i knew it would......anytime :wink: