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    Ahh, I see what your saying. Think it'll happen, though? I think they've just gone, "this title has become old and is lagging with the times, so let's strip this game from top to bottom and start a fresh". So I can imagine the only thing that has remaind the same is Lara's name, the Tomb Raider title and a few gameplay aspects. It has changed that much that my mate -a hater on the franchise- has actually gained an interest in the new game.

    Is it similar to heavy rain??

    Very similar. It has the basic idea of what Heavy Rain does with the control pad -obviously not as intuitive, being a PS2 game- but the story is just as gripping as Heavy Rain. It's based on religion, and your average joe gets picked at random to kill someone in a bar. So you end up playing as the guy who killed the victim, trying to figure out what happened because he blacked-out, whilst also playing as the police, trying to catch the killer. It' was a bloody brilliant game. And I reckon if you loved Heavy Rain you'll love this. :D

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this new game her stranded on an island with a load of cannibals trying to eat her? I can't imagine there being any past characters in this one -if I'm right in what I've read-, it'll be just her and her good friend mr. knife. lol If I am wrong in what I've read, do enlighten me. :)

    Completely agree with what your saying. It's targetting both audiences, while making everything fresh from top to bottom. I'm loving the whole horror aspect of the game. It's going to put the franchise back on the map. No doubt. :)

    I see what your saying, but what your talking about is nostalgia and stuff you love about the old games. But I think the series has to move on. Tbh I've been bored of TR games since Legend, they've lacked any real variety or change. The series has become predictable and stale. This -besides "Guardian of Light"- is the first game to really change things. I can't wait to see how it plays out. It might even get people who never really liked TR to play it.

    That's true, actually. I'd have liked to have played the original concept of what the game was going to be, though. But I do still love the final product, too.

    Brilliant game. The developers are a really unique bunch. I loved who the killer was. ;) If you like Heavy Rain but never played Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy as it's called in the states), you definitely should. It's also a really good game. :)

    10. Death From Above 1979: Love these guys. They broke up for abit, but now they're back! :D Electro/punk/rock style band. They only ever released one album and a remix thing. But man, the album is just amazing.

    9. Propagandhi: Heavy punk band, that are massive on the political front. Topic of discussion is normally about animals getting slaughtered in all the wrong unethical ways. A band that got heavy with every album.

    (Check out the face melting solo on this one.) *If you get offended but animal cruelty don't look at this video, it's quite horrible.*

    8. Nirvana: No introduction needed, we all know who they are. Overrated, yes, but there is no denying they got the praise for a good reason. My favorite album is In Utero.

    7. Deftones: Apparently Nu-metal, in my eyes something much more. They have a very unique sound that no one has hit. I saw these guys live last year, man, what an atmosphere they create. White Pony was their breaking album that shot them to the number one spot. The album also had guest singer Maynard (Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman) to sing on the song "passenger".

    6. Rammstein: Heavy metal german band, Rammstein -in my eye's- haven't made a bad album. 6 albums into their career and every album is just as immense as the last. Not without humour, though, from their serious, disturbing look and lyrics, as their last album had the highly controversial music video (and song) -Pussy. All in good taste, though. :)

    (this is the censored version -of course- look on a porn site of something for the real thing! haha)

    5. Frank Zappa: This guy was unique on every level. An amazing musician, who tried everything to make a new sound and avoid cliches. His discography is intimidating to say the least, with a career that lasted the 60's, 70's 80's and early 90's before dying of throat cancer. My favorite period from him was his 70's work. He then moved onto do lyrics with humour, with songs like "Dancing fool" and "Don't eat the yellow snow".

    4. Mars Volta: Progressive, psychedelia with a bang. Two members of former hard rock band "At the Drive-In", these guys moved on to a higher purpose. Admittedly, I'm not so fond of the last album they did, as it sounded abit too normal for them, but they have an amazing discography.

    (Off their second album -Frances the Mute.)

    3. Nick Cave: A rock band with an edge. Really, really love these guys, his voice is so unique. My favorite -and probably the most bleak album I've ever listened to- is Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds -Murder ballads. That album in particular had a handfull of guest stars including Kylie Minogue.

    2. Tool: A Prock/Metal band. I probably don't need to tell you who they are, but if you don't know, there isn't a band I can name that sound anything like these guys; Intelligent lyrics, uncharted musicanship, of times, experimental -I could go on for hours. lol

    (A song from their 3 album -Lateralus- known as there claim to fame.)

    1. Dir En Grey: A Japanese band that formed in 1999. They have released 7 albums and two EPs since their career kicked off. Every album has progressed and moved onto a different style of rock music. Their later albums become alot heavier, so if you like a lighter form of rock check out their first 2 albums. Pure J-Rock. lol

    (this is their latest single. Really good. Hope the new album is as consistant as the singles have been.)

    All apologise if this topic has been done before, but if it hasn't here it is: name 10 bands that have changed your life, help you threw your day, never get tired of listening to, etc, etc. Oh, and put links to your favorite song from the band. I love listening to new bands, so it'll be good to get into stuff you guys like.

    Absolutely loved this game. Remedey always pull out the stops -and this one was no exception. Was a little bit worried by how long it took to make (normally games that take a decade to make end up sucking), but there really wasn't a cause for concern. :)

    Hey guys! First off just to say hi, been a long time since I've been on here, and I hope all is well. :) Second, I think this game is going to be the re-boot the series has so badly needed. It looks massively ambitious, and I hope they pull it off. I can't wait for this one. :D


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    Greece, I admit, was indeed hard. I don't think it was harder than Egypt, but it was difficult. I rarely play those levels. Normally, it'd be the Lost Island or Peru levels.

    The difficulty in the game practically threw me off, which is why I like Legend better than Anniversary, but AoD better than Legend.

    you prob one of the few ppl ive met that actually says AOD is better than another tr. I thought it was by far the weakest of the bunch

    the new game isnt meant to be a massive improvement over the 1st game so chances are you wont like the new game either.