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    Thanks for all your help.
    Can I trouble you just once more ,please?
    I amtrying to follow your suggestion to download a savegame, and have read and re-read Stella`s instructions, but get stuck when trying to "drag" the chosen savegame from the zip file to the open program file.
    How exactly do you :-
    1 Select the chosen savegame in the zip fileand
    2 How do you move it to the program file.
    Perhaps I do not understand the DRAG function


    Hi Lara,
    I am so sorry to have made things complicated and thank you for not deserting me.
    I should not have mentioned "The Bug"as it may be a "red herring"
    (can a bug be anysort of a herring?)
    Stella clearly warns of the bug in her walkthrough (assume you have read it) At the very end of the "Guardian"level there is a movie sequence.
    When this ends Lara shuls be on the train;BUT when I reached this point the game crashed, I later managed to download a "savegame" which put her on the train.
    I can only guess that perhaps there is something wrong with the SAVEGAME as tombraider girl has suggested.
    Hope this makes sense.

    Thanks again

    Thanks for replying so quickly
    Unfortunately I have absolutely no Idea how to do what you suggest or even what you some of what you say means.
    I am just a simple soul who enjoys playing these games and have no knowledge of the technicalities.
    Thanks again, but I think it`s time to say goodbye to Lara and let her spend the rest of eternity on the desert railroad having been defeated at last by a ladder!


    Hi Lara,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Sorry I did not make it clear in the previous message that the problem is

    ONLY about not being able to jump on to the ladder.

    Lara has to go on so she can get the CROWBAR ;this is needed in the next

    level (coastal ruins).

    AS I said before I got over the problem with the bug at the end of the

    previous level (Guardian of Semerket) by using a downloaded SAVE GAME

    Perhaps the problem with the ladde is in the savegame .

    I have played TR4 before and did not have the problem with the ladder.

    You will see from other people`s threads that I am not the only one who

    has had this problem.

    Hope you can understand all this and I will be

    very pleased if you can help me.

    Thank you very much,


    Dear Lara11
    I was very glad to hear from you as I had given up all hope of solving this problem and abandoned the game.
    As stated in the earlier messages, I ran into the BUG at the very end of Guardian of Semerket(as warned in Stella`s Walkthrough} and could not get on to the Desert Rairoad until I somehow managed to download a savegame (don`t know how I did it!)
    All was OK until I tried to jump to the ladder.
    Have tried many,many times from different sides,but she will not grab the ladder.
    Can you please suggest any way out?
    Thanks a lot,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I have downloaded the savegames, but the game crashes as soon as it is loaded.
    Have you come across this problem?
    Can you help ,please?

    Thanks a million,


    Thanks for replying.
    I was hoping for some advice as to how to get out of this jam.
    I have spent a lot of tme trying and trying, but no luck.
    Shall I have to abandon the game?
    I cannot believe there is no way out.
    Do you know where else I might try to get help, please?
    Thanks again,


    Thanks for your reply.
    I have been able to get on the train, but Lara will not grab the ladder on the last boxcar even after many attempts.
    I have looked at other threads on this topic and have put in a request for help there too (hope this is in order)
    Unfortunately no one seems to know how the problem can be solved.
    I cannot skip to later level as the CROWBAR is needed in Coastal Ruins.
    Can you please suggest a way out?

    Many thanks,


    I have read the previous threads where Lara cannot grab the ladder on the last boxcar and have tried again and again,but no luck.
    What can be done???
    I need the CROWBAR for Coastal ruins, so it`s no use skipping to next level.
    Has anyone found a way out of this problem ,please?


    Afer hitting the BUG at end Guardian of Semerkhet,I downloaded SAVEGAME
    for start of Desert Railroad(number 072?), but it only runs through the opening scene shoing side of the track,then inside boxcar.It then swiches backto the list if saved games.
    Have tried to download a later scene in Desert Railroad, but do not know how to select the relevent bit of the text in the zip file and drag it to game program directory as it is is hidden behind the zip file.

    Can anyone please help,



    Thaks for your reply.
    Perhaps I should explain that I have played this game before and took away the broom handle and hook then.
    I assumed everything would be there on the second run through as all the previous levels were OK.
    When I hit the bug trying to get into Desert Railroad I went into "Core Design "setup and clicked OK this gave several levels to choose from,so I too Coastal Ruins,when thigs went wrong.
    Is there any way of going back?
    I only have Savegames for Guardian of Semerkhet.
    Is there any other way back?
    Sorry to trouble you,but I am completely stuck just when it was getting interesting.
    If I only knew how to beat the Desert Railroad bug!!

    Thanks a million,


    Could not beat the BUG to get on to Desert Railroad,so skipped to Coastal Ruins.
    Climbed the snake charmers rope to the landing but only TWO hooks in the alcove and no "broken handle". So cannot get the key to open door later on and am STUCK!
    Can I get back to Alexandria and try again or is there another way to get on?
    Many thanks,

    I havereached about half way and just killed the scorpion attacking theguardin the building and picked up the keys.
    Cannot get across the pit on the left. Walthrougs say"Jump and grab sandy colored rock outcropping on right side.
    I have made Lara jump all over but always drops off .
    How can I find which rock is the right one to jump to and grab before shimmying left?

    At the end of thiis level Lara has gone down past the gong (without striking it)into the ice palace.
    Has collected the Jade dragon.
    How does she get back up to strike the gong to get the Talion?
    The gong is at the top of a pile of sloping blocks and there seems to be no way back.


    How do you get Lara to SPRINT inTR2?
    When forward slash is pressed when running she lights a flare!
    I am trying to get her to the trap door in TR2 (Maria Doria) after picking up the second CIRCUIT BREAKER, but she canot get there in time by running.

    Thanks yrab

    At the end of this level Lararuns past a swinging sand bag,then is supposed to go into a room full of crates(this is the last scene).
    I have got her past the sand bag but have then come up against an off-white wall and cannot go any further.
    Is there a switch somewhere that I`ve missed?

    How do you get pictures on the walkthroughs?


    At various points in the walkthrough there is a BLANK rectanglele with a red cross in the corner and a title "picture".
    How do I get to see the picture ?
    On Stella`s walkthroughs these are shown as"sceen shots "


    Thanks klass46,
    Your instuctions are quite clear.
    I have uninstalled and started again with "Jungle",but will be glad of the advice you have given when I get to the Nevada level.


    Original von The_Original_Tomb_Raider

    That's what I said :P

    Good luck playing!

    Thanks for your reply from Gib.
    I`m a player and not very bright!
    Very sorry,but I don`t understand what I have to do when I finish the present level (ie India)
    Will I ever see London!?


    thanks for your reply.
    She is near start of High Security area ,jumped over wash basin and moved 2 blocks.The walk through says" turn right",but there is only a blank wall!
    I need "step by step "instructions to get up through the ceiling on to the roof.