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    I thought I might throw this question out, just to see what you all make of it.

    Whilst the TV was playing in the background, a couple of presenters were discussing recent game releases and they began the scrutinisation of TRU. When summing up the pros and cons, one of them said,

    "Rest In Peace Tomb Raider, the franchise is over".

    What do you think of it? Seeing as I haven't played the game yet I can't comment.

    You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers
    -Got this one from a friend, he was approached by a salesman who tried to con him [hehe] .

    The fact that no one understands you doesn’t mean you’re an artist.
    -I heard this one from somewhere and decided that I would adopt it.

    Why is it such a taboo? Why the denial? This essentially proves what I said about Lara's breasts and sex appeal being a money maker, given that Alison was avoiding the question. She'd make a good politician[hehe] Nah, she is 'only' the face of Tomb Raider, it is the authorities that be who should be flamed.

    Who writes those scripts ?

    My standard answer to that question would have been children although that is insulting to their intelligence [hehe]

    I am debating on going to see Changeling at the cinema tomorrow. I can't help but think that Angelina Jolie has lost a lot of credit as an actress since getting together with Brad. Mr and Mrs Smith destroyed her career IMO :-?

    So, you are into the serious sort of entertainment, Skinny Jeans ?

    No, I just think that if you're going to watch something revolving around a serious topic you want to be watching of five star material, as anything less probably wouldn't pay enough respect to people in a similar position. I love light entertainment, especially around Christmas; My seasonal films are Love Actually and The Holiday. The only films I won't watch are horrors and films such as the sequels to High School Musical and films for preteens that make out that 'High School' is the best thing since sliced bread as you begin to grow up...those types of films create teenagers with mutated opinions of what is important and why you go to school. I won't watch horrors not because they are scary but because it is just mindless violence, at least thrillers play on you psychologically.

    I watched Mamma Mia last night :P
    I do not know how you can fault that film, it is easily the best musical of the decade.

    Thats true, but the trend also occurs in women aged 20-40 also... I cannot verify this by personal experience as I have only witnessed such behaviour on programs such as Ladette To Lady [hehe]. There was one woman on there who was a 36 year old electrician and whose main hobbie was to spend a weeks wages on a friday night on alcohol 8| .

    And all of them who got married gave up their surname, a thing I really can't understand. Isn't that like giving up your identity?

    Now that really does aggravate me. I'd much prefer to keep my own surname or have a double barreled surname, primarily because it keeps my link with my ancestors alive and because it would cause a great deal of confusion in the future if I get the job I want.

    And its not only "they" stopped fighting, "we" (the men) are beginning to expect submission from women again, and I can't understand that either. Weren't we supposed to be past this archaic state of mind?

    Hmm. I see your point, although it could be possible that men are becoming confused.
    I.E, they can't tell when a female wants to be...chased per sei. The majority of females (16-18 year olds) that I come into contact with are morphing into men in the sense that if they find a man attractive, they will be sure to let him know. It usually includes some ambiguous comment and flaunting cleavage in a low cut top. Much like the wolf whistles from a man to a woman. This tomboyish attitude is not a new observation but it is becoming normality. So, it is hypothetical to state that men no longer know when a woman is trying to attract attention or not...the lord knows how many times I've gone out for dressed up smart for an interview and had some form of comment made about my attire :-?

    I love the latter one, [hehe] .

    Hehe, here is the list for all the things I have threatened with courst action so far;

    Greggs bakers 'cause they didn't have a Cheese & Ham Hot Sandwich
    My phone as it wakes me up at 6:30am
    The wind and cold weather as I was unable to feel my face after ice skating yesterday
    MSN because it has a hobbie of logging me off
    My sister and her Christmas Party...that is self explanatory.
    My optician, he told me that I shouldnt compute or read as much as it is apparently destroying my eyesight.
    The credit crunch because I can't get a job and I want a PS3.


    Another of my phrases:

    Gan home - Another delightful little phrase which is derived from Notheast Slang.

    Requiem for a Dream.

    Small wonder why it was nominated for 30 something awards, I've never seen a film which portrays the lives and problems of seemingly normal people whose drug addictions spiral out of control so well, even if it does contain a lot of adult material.

    Very well said! Couldn't agree more! The world would be a so much nicer place if everyone stopped to think about what they are doing and the consequences for others. I am ashamed to admit, that I, too, sometimes am stuck in my ways and am not able to do so. Being human seems to mean that one has to be - if not egoistic - then at least egocentric. The problem is, the only person you really know, the only one you can really understand, is yourself - if you are lucky; most people just live from day to day without knowing who they are.

    On the other hand, there are always those willing to change the world, which ultimately means to change yourself. One might not be successful or even on the right track, but it is a start. Don't forget, that you are not alone.

    What you said about sexuality, especially male sexuality: That's the way we men are programmed. That might sound like an excuse, but believe me, it is hard to fight millions of years of evolution. Somewhere deep inside there is always that little voice... It's like the fear and fascination of fire. Or maybe completely different. ;-)

    Hence why I said its pretty pointless trying. It is entirely relative to point of view. For example, moral standing. Bad people do not think of themselves as a villain, rather that they believe that those with the opposing view are in the wrong. The perceivement of right and wrong is respective to how you have been brought up and the experiences that you have to date, as is intelligence and personality. But thats not what I'm getting at. I've highlighted the parts I find most relevant to what I'm about to say.

    Although my heart agrees, my mind says that your post contradicts itself. To change the primeval traits of humanity would mean to change humanity entirely -we might as well be something completely different. No matter how civil a person may be, and no matter how human intelligence tries to manipulate our psycology as a whole and regardless of how we evolve further; we will not change. As you said it is hard if not impossible to change what has made our race so definitive to this day.

    But then again, all we know may be entirely wrong and the likely hood is that it is. Most of the great philosophers, poets and scientists up until about 1900 who made great leaps in terms of what we call intelligence were all at some point certainly on drugs. And even though their experiments are repeated today, who is to say that it is correct? The universe is so unimaginably vast that what we have and know may have mutated in some form, it could be anomalous. There is no evidence to argue against this because even if we set out to find out, by the time we got a reply or disovered another side of the coin the chances are that we would no longer be in existance because our sun would have blown us into oblivion.

    ...My head hurts; I can't even remember what I was arguing for [hehe].

    Lets drink to an unlikely change in the way Lara and the female population is seen in general, hopefully sometime in the near future :drink

    I've kinda missed the main debate but as its a topic I can debate for both sides for I'll chip in.

    I will start with arguing that Lara's physique is, not exactly positive but when seen by a certain persepctive it is somewhat better than what I will argue later.

    When stripped to its core; Tomb Raider is a franchise -it makes money. Obviously you're all intelligent and know that. Whether or not Lara's breasts were purposely designed that way or a "good" mistake is subject to controversy, and we can't change that; they are now part of her identity -just as her pistols and sharp personality are. You can argue until Earth's end whether I am justified or moral in my next statement, I care not because I can see its a vicious cycle of hypocrisy and contradication (...just like everything else in our pathetic existance) and I will prove that to you in the later stages of my post. What I'm getting at is that whether you like it or not, her breasts make money -its arguable that a significant percentage of the buyers will buy the franchise for partly if not fully because of Lara's sex appeal. Yeah, sick to you but its what some find attractive and you've hardly the right to dictate what is found attracive or arousing for another: its like saying homosexuality or bisexuality are wrong. The point is without the money from these buyers you could say that the franchise wouldn't have gotten this far; people don't want a heroine who has all the undesirable aspects, so in some mutated way you should be thanking the people who buy because of it. The world and everything in it is driven by this primitive desire, everyone wants to pass on the genes that are deemed most useful or attractive in the pursuit of survival, so really we should (well, I already have...) be criticising society in general.

    Right, this side of the argument is more generic and I feel infinitely more for, given that I'm female.

    I am sickened by the male population on this planet. I have been betrayed by them and I have been hurt beyond tears because of a certain two people. It would be wrong for me to say the all have one thing in mind regarding females as I am closer as friends to men in general (although I pick who I want to trust and socialise with V. carefully) but the vast majority all want one thing. I'm throwing any taboos out of the window. Sex. That is all that seems to be on the brain, I've had it up to here with the double entendres and the comments regarding the female form. To say it is degrading is a severe understatement. We are not objects of pleasure, we just like men have emotions and ambitions, its disgusting to think that you can "win" a woman. I read somewhere that a woman was refused a place in management at a company simply because she was a mother. It may not be related to Tomb Raider but this primitive inequality is everywhere, and I'm probably right in saying that it will never change...look at the US election, its great that there is going to be the First Black American President but they would still rather have a male president that a woman! Its also quite pathetic that men can't or simply can't be bother to see past what meets the eye. As mentioned earlier, Lara is not Lara soley because of her breasts. She is a person that many aspire to be, she is an all round good person with a fantastic sense of humour and has a great personality. Its a shame that it is overshadowed by the sex appeal that Lara exerts to most people.

    Yeah... thats my bit said. I don't care whether or not you or everybody else agrees. I have already reached the conclusion that it is pointless to argue against society. People like me are a minority and so consequently minorities have no power. Even if I did broadcast this opinion to the world it would be pointless because at the end of the day, everyone acts in favour of themselves and refuse think of the implications on others.

    What BETTER excuse could one come up with ? [hehe] I've been to Brisbane a few times, it's a beautiful place. Almost as beautiful as Melbourne. :D
    And they have schools here too. :sun:
    How could the upgrade be more expensive than a PS3 ? My upgrade from the current system would cost me about $250 - $300. A PS3 is around $750. That's more than twice as much. Then again, if you need a new PC ?..............
    So, you haven't been a good girl, oh dear........ what have you done that father christmas couldn't forgive you ? :hug I think every person should have the opportunity to play underworld. :shout Am I right ?

    Yeah, I'd need to either completely rebuild the PC or buy another. My father wouldn't do the former for me so I'd have to buy another. As for my wrong-doings, I'd rather not say.

    All this information is really getting to me...I'm gonna have to restrain myself from using Youtube to see the cutscenes, no doubt they'll be up withing ours of the game being released :| .

    Yeah, I mean you can make a simple images look infinitely more appealing to the eye by using brushes.

    Why, I thought I might grace the world with a TRU wallpaper. Quote from Map of the Problematique - Muse.

    I'm looking to make a wallpaper of Natla using WT lyrics, so watch this space.

    Apologies for the amount of edits, it is the doing of my inept PC.