Important LE Measurements

1 click50 cm (~20 inches)256 units
2 clicks1 m (~40 inches)512 units
3 clicks150 cm, 1.5 m (~60 inches)768 units
4 clicks / 1 square2 m (~80 inches)1024 units

Note that clicks are what heights within the room editor are measured in, while floor squares are measured in squares (which equal 4 clicks).

  • Lara can walk up a ledge of a height of 1 click, without the use of the action button.
  • A crawlspace has a height of 2 clicks.
  • If the depth of a water pool is 1 or 2 clicks Lara can still run in it.
  • Lara will start sliding on a slope with a height of 3 clicks.
  • A distance of 2 squares (with equally high platforms as start and target) requires a running jump or a standing jump with grabbing the ledge.
  • A distance of 3 squares (with equal height or a difference of +1 click on the target side) requires a running jump and grabbing the ledge. (If the target square is 1 click lower, a running jump suffices)
  • Lara can jump up to a height of 7 clicks (just one click shy of 2 squares - so non reachable walls have to have a height of at least 8 clicks (2 squares).
drop methodsafe height (no damage)deadly height (full damage)
Jump8 clicks17 clicks
Drop 10 clicks18 clicks
Safety Drop (hanging from the ledge)12 clicks21 clicks