Sacred Lake

  • theres a room i got into with a rope to swing across to a ledge, if you drop you die but i managed to get across then theres loads of alcoves and tunnels at the bottom. i went into one of these and found myself sliding down a slope into water where i cant get out of, please help and tell me how to get out!!!

  • As I remember it is sacred Lake..... yeah sacred lake... listen gemma, when you slide down you will see .... uhh... pole... vertical pole....

    Bat Building and Poles:
    Wander around the perimeter of the lake until you find a building with torches. Bats! Clear the vermin out of the air, then carefully walk down the center of the building and drop down the hole that is under the torch. Make your way down until you see the pole. Slide down the ramp and land at the foot of the pole. Climb up the pole until you are near the other pole. Line up your back with the higher pole by using the arrow keys, and then do a backwards jump from the pole (Jump + back arrow). (Note, it always is better to be a bit lower than being too high when doing a backwards jump.) Climb up the higher pole and turn your back to the high ledge. Do a backwards jump. Climb into the crawlspace using the Crawl key. Crawl your way to the next room with a jeweled chain.