• without the cars though! and its in Tokyo, basically its all about Yakuza and their affairs with people. And a girl who's worth about 10 billion yen hehe
    its actually quite different from GTA when you play it.

  • its jus like a fighting/adventure game sorta thing. You can free roam town in between missions and go to hostess bars or get drunk somewhere or even go to an asian masage parlour ;-) its got a good story line and its got some fun sub scenarios.

  • yeh Yakuza is friggin sweet. Easiest way to descripe Yakuza is Its Shenmue meets Urban rain. You go around following the long and very enjoyable story but you can do lots of side quests on the side like underground ring fights (like UFC). does have annoying flwas tho like the targeting system whichto be honest bugged the shit out of me becasue i died a couple of times from constent misses on hitting the enemy. Awesome game tho

  • yeah i agree about the targetting that was particularly annoying, but one thing was i could never find the asian massage parlour until it got like blown up a bit near the end heheh the hostess bars were so cool, hehe you had to charm them into liking you. I gave one of the women a french scarf but she hated it, it cost me 13,000 yen! hehe