Turok (PS3/Xbox360)

  • I have gotten about halfway through i think and i'm finding Turok VERY frustrating. Its repetative and sucks the patience right out of you. Despite this i enjoy it a little bit, shooting dinosaurs is fun. But thats it really. I don't like the enemy soldiers, they are pointless an annoying to kill. Infact i have more trouble killing them than the T-rex that thuds about every so often...
    Anyone played it?

  • A friend of mine is playing it on PS3. Funny, since her MySpace display name is Panda, [hehe] . I haven't tried it yet, but she said there's practically no save points between large waves of enemies. I might try it next time I go to the rental store...or maybe The Club. I heard that was amazing too.

    Wasn't Turok a game before it came out for the 360 and PS3.

  • It sure was a game, way back to old PC days hehehe It started on old nintendo consoles then to PC, then went onto PS2 etc. So its been about for a while. It caused a wave of Dino games i think hehe e.g Dino Crisis on the PS1

  • Ah, Dino Crisis. I remember that. I saw Turok at the game store and I was going to rent it but it was out of stock, so I went with The Club. Not a bad game at all. A little repetitive, but it's still a good concept.

    Gears of War + Unreal Tournament + modern day 2008 - over done gore - sci-fi weaponry x better graphics = The Club

    Who'd of thought math would come in handy here? Anyhow, I was the first person to rent the game since it came out on the 19th and they didn't get it in stock until this morning. They had seven copies total and I got one, :D . I've played better than the Club but it's still good.

    Turok however looks amazing.