A plot I wanted to share

  • I first got this idea just after the first film came when I was nine years old (or just before, I can't remember) I wrote it as a story but the original manscript has been lost for years. I just wanted to share the plot with you all.

    When Lara Croft was nine years old, her father Luke revealed his "real" career to her, which was archeology. He explained that she was to be the heir and take his place once he dies. Lara's ten year old brother, Lawson, grew deadly jealous and threatened to kill Lara. Their mother, Laura, gave birth to a sister named Lucy which put pressure on her relationship with Lara (which was already on the rocks) Lara spent every hour of every day, training with Luke and soon became obsessed with idea of one day becoming a tomb raider. Her best friend, John Simmons, a young boy who lived with his divorced, poverty-stricken mother in a shack that Luke paid for, felt she was spending too much with training and they got in a fight and went their seperate ways. When she turned fourteen, Lara went to an all-girls school. There, she met gymnist Claire (who seriously resembled Anaya) and they became the best of friends. After a fight with Lawson, he stormed off, swearing revenge on his family. At eighteen years old, Lara went on her first adventure and developed a thirst for more and the infamous tomb raider was born. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura had trouble with Lucy, who was terribly disillusioned and thought mermaids and unicorns were real. A few years later, Lawson returned with apologies on his lips so does John. John confessed that he was in love with her and they had a daughter named Elizabeth.

    What do you guys think? It's bad, I know, but I was nine years old back then and my genius talent was still developing lol :)