Is it me or has Alister's voice changed?

  • I was just watching clips from both Underworld and Legend just now and Greg Ellis' voice sounded really different in Legend. It was higher and his accent was "posh" as it were and in Underworld, he kinda lost that accent and it was slightly deeper. Either Greg has gone and done a Dan Castellaneta or I'm just mad. What do you think? Does anyone (dis)agree with me?

  • I've noticed it. In the Underworld cutscenes where they open the crypt and the one where he dies. I don't think there's much change in his accent, as such, but his voice is certainly deeper.

  • In my opinion he talked a little, uhm, exaggerated in Legend and thus sounded a bit more high-pitched than in Underworld.

    Or maybe it just seems that way 'cause he's yelling all the time in Legend ("They're two bloody different swords!!") whereas in Underworld, he mostly talks in a calm way [hehe]