• Thank you for answering

    I have no idea how to upload my saved game.

    The walk through link you provided is the correct one that I am looking at. Go down to the "Ropes" part. I got across the ropes to the platform. The walk through says to either go to the gap in the wall (which I didn't see unitl I was on the platform) to get Secret 45 or go to the platform {see copied phrase from walk through below}. I am on the platform and in front of me there is a hole but it doesn't have a ladder or anything.

    (If you don't want to collect the secret, you can jump towards the platform ahead instead. Run down the stairs to get into the hall.)

    There is no set of stairs to go down into the hall.

    I would go back and replay only I was dumb and saved over top of the wrong part.

    If this doesn't help explain where I am, please tell me how to up load and I will do so.

    Thank you

  • Can't you get down into the big room with the ropes somehow ignoring the part with the stairs.

    I that room you can then choose a path and will probably find the stairs mentioned.

    To attach your savegame you click on "Attachments" below the posting window. Click "Browse..." to locate the file on your computer (you will find in the games folder.... it's something like savegame.0, savegame.1... should be the one with the latest date) and choose it. Then click upload to attach it to your posting. Simply add your text now and press "Submit".

  • Hi there

    No she can't get down from there. It's too far and she just breaks her neck.

    And of course when I try to up load my saved game, it tells me it doesn't like the file extension.

    On the up side though, I did find a way to go back (not too far) and replay to that point.

    Thank you for your assistance. I love this site.

  • Savegame Upload: Oh yes, I think it is necessary to upload it as zip or rar.
    (If you really do not have the necessary programs - winzip, winzar - you could always rename the file to give it a .rar or .zip ending, but it is important that you tell us you have done so instead of actually zipping it.)