Lara Croft possibles

  • GK Films already said they want to do a "series" of films, not just one. They want to do a 'reboot'. That means no Angelina Jolie, no Kate Beckinsale and no Rhona Mitra. Allison Carrol and Karima Adebibe are models/actresses ..... not much screen experience. Here are my top three picks for the role:

    Gemma Arterton - my first pick ("Clash of the Titans", "Prince of Persia") [hehe]

    Summer Glau - ("Firefly", "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles") she turns thirty this year, but looks like she's still in her mid-twenties and she looks a bit like a younger Angelina

    Olivia Wilde - "TRON: Legacy"

    Megan Fox - would she change her mind and play a "younger" Lara Croft just to **ss off Angelina Jolie? ?(

    Sienna Miller - another possible

  • Fast forward to Autumn 2013, and a big question mark still hangs over who could be the new "young" Lara in the film reboot. I personally would go for Camilla Luddington as it seems that she went all out for the highly successful 2013 game - performing the moves as well as the voice acting for the game character. Being in the film would be a natural progression for someone who has already "proved herself" for the role, and looks a "natural" for the role too. However, I would agree with ladylike that Summer Glau and Gemma Arterton would be good for the role as well. In short, ladies with action experience - who could pass off being in their early 20s.