Query about Wikiraider.

  • Hi there. I'm Zac and i'm rather new here. I've been using wikiraider as a general TR information source for..a very long time now and it's absolutely fantastic!

    I just have one issue though. I can't seem to create an account there. I beleive I am extremely knowledgable when it comes to the Japanese versions of each Tomb Raider game. (I've spent thousands of dollars on gaining each game, especially the rare ones. What can I say, I love the japanese language, and i love Lara Croft, what can I say? :P ) I would like to be able to input my knowledge about them as I see alot of info regarding other Localized versions, yet not much about the Japanese editions, and also I've come across some general mistakes on specific pages here and there (mainly language errors) that I would like to help to fix up.

    If anyone can shed some light on why I can't register, please go ahead.

    Thanks for any help :D


  • Actually no, Nevermind :P I just realised I had an old login there so all good. I've added 3 pages based on Lara's Japanese voice actresses (Megumi Ogata, Atsuko Tanaka, Takako Honda) if anyone wanted to take a look :)

  • Welcome.

    Perfect, that you found an old account. When it comes to new registrations: The wiki is constantly being spammed when I allow registration, even though I have installed spam blockers that are supposed to catch common spam phrases. However most spam looks genuine to the system, so I have to delete a lot. That's why the registration is offline and I unlock it once someone asks for it.

  • Ahh thankyou very much for the clarification on that. Makes alot of sense.

    Might I suggest putting a notification about this on wikiraider? If that is just a gateway for spammers, you could also tell them to contact you directly or something. I just imagine users coming to the site and just leaving when they realise they can't sign up and contribute. Just a suggestion :)

    Thanks again and keep up the good work :)