Registration: Open/Closed?

  • Due to the massive amount of spamming in our Wiki, you wont be able to register at all times. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    You will be able to register during certain days of the month when I open up the registration. If you've missed the window but would like to register right away, give us a shout in this thread or private message me (tombraidergirl).

    Registration is now open.
    January 4th - January 21st (open)
    December 8th - January 4th (closed)
    November 24th-December 8th (open)

  • Hello tombraidergirl and other forum users. Hopefully someone will read and reply to this message despite there not seeming to be very much activity on these forums.

    My name is FlyingRagnar and I am the administrator who runs the Dragon Quest Wiki. It took a lot of effort to be able to even contact you in this way since your wiki is locked down for new registrations, and even after creating a forum account I could not sent a PM to anyone. I noticed on your Special:Version page that you have almost no extensions installed for the wiki. In particular, the Confirm Edit extensionis pretty much required for any wiki these days as it prevents the massive amounts of spam that you get otherwise. I see that you too have been a victim of spam attacks. I would have to imagine that being in lock down would have a negative effect on your community and the growth of your wiki.

    Myself or others would be happy to assist you in configuring your wiki to be more spam-proof. We are just normal people who are running our own wikis as well and have banded together to share knowledge, help, etc.

    Link to SEIWA Network